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the Best Small Car Models


Cars have gone through many evolutions and currently car buyers are not only looking for speed but also size. Small cars tend to be sleek and very stylish; as a result most people are rushing to purchase them. The small cars have low fuel consumption hence making them very economical and easy to maintain.

These cars are luxurious and offer some of the most best performance. Space is also another factor in the car industry; most car buyers are looking for cars that consume little space, so as to be convenient in terms of parking space among others. Below are some of the best small car models in the motor vehicle market.

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Ford Fiesta 2008

This is one of the best selling small cars in the UK. The car comes in with a unique sleek package that includes both petrol and a diesel engine. The car is built with strong parts that guarantee great performances. The small body is unique and makes it look even more attractive.

The car has a low fuel consumption rates and its engine emits a low level of carbon di oxide making it very environment friendly. This small car cost is generally affordable and currently the market price starts from approximately 10,000 sterling pounds. This price is easily manageable and worth the cars economical and exemplary high performance.

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Vauxhall Corsa 2006

With over 15 years in the market, Vauxhall corsa 2006 still hits as one of the most fantastic small car models in the current market. The small car engine is eco friendly and offers some of the most exemplary performance. With its stylish look, this car has become one of the most competitive cars in the market today.

The car shape is convenient for high speed motion with body streamlined to facilitate fast motion. This small car currently has a starting market price of approximately 9000 sterling pounds. The car is friendly and easy to use. Its standard petrol and diesel engines makes them some of the best cars to use during these harsh economic times. Only the fiesta comes second to this cool elegant monster.

Suzuki Swift 2010

This small car takes the third rank and offers some of the most exemplary performances. The car has a unique shape that makes it have charming looks. With a starting price of approximately 10500 sterling pounds, this car comes with unique packages that make it cool; and stylish.

The small car comes handy with a petrol engine of 1.2 liters and diesel engine of 1.3 cc has proved to be economical and of great performance. Launched only two years ago, this car is eco friendly and produces little carbon dioxide to the environment as compared to other new cars in the market. The car interior is stylish making it attractive and agile looking. Few cars beat this Suzuki swift in style comfort and speed.

Audi A 1 2020

This 1.6 litres diesel engine small car is one of the unique and best performing cars in the market. The car also comes with turbo charged engines and offers great and powerful performance. The vehicles’ manufacturers had lots in mind like speed, comfort and durability. With a beginning price of approximately 14000 sterling pounds, this car has proved to be worth its price. The small car despite the turbo charge is economical in consumption and very eco friendly.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 04/06/2012
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the Best Small Car Models. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.