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As the world develops more and more woman are out and have gained an equal status in the household as earning members. This has lead to a drastic change in the lifestyle of women and they have their own expectations and demands and products are being specially to facilitate their demands too. Cars were meant to be men’s toys in the past. It was a hobby of men to have cars desighned as per their needs. But nowadays cars are not restricted to men, women have started to show their interest in cars and they too hve their likings and disliking. Some of the basic qualities for womens car are:

Step 1

  • Easy driving facilities: Driving is fun when the car is supporting you. It is always preferable by woman to drive cars which have automatic gears. As multitasking was never the cup of cake for women hence an automatic geared car looks after this problem for women and reduces the pressure of changing gears.
  • More compartments to put their belongings: Cars nowadays are specially designed for women. They have glove compartments for all purposes. Moreover, ladies are a wee bit fussy for having proper place for their stuff and hence it becomes convenienct to have a place for everything in the womens car.

Step 2

  • Chic look: Looks do matter for ladies when it comes to purchase of car. Hence the best car for woman would obviously have a very good shape and of course the size of the car also matters. A suave looking car gives a good outlook and hence is the best choice for ladies.
  • Color of the: Color matters too for the selection of a car for ladies. That does not mean that the color pink will only do for ladies, it can be any colour the ladies like. Still color does play an important role in womens car and when ladies select their own car.

Step 3

  • Safety measures: Safety becomes an important issue for everyone while selecting a new car. In case of woman safety should be given prime importance because often the car may be used for children too and they are accident prone. Hence the best womens car should have proper bags and other safety measures incorporated in the car.
  • The best car based on all these criteria would be obviously Mercedes. Hence Mercedes is a womens car. It ranges from A to S series and hence comes in all ranges and has all the above FACILITIES INCORPORATED. Hence the best car for ladies would be any model of the Mercedes, not only owing to its chic outlook, but also due to the facilities provided in it and the safety precautions associated with it too. Well this is my view point solely and others opinions may differ as per their likings.


  • Womens car should be safe and secure as children aslo accompany women.
  • Womens car should have a good outlook and a good interior too which is comfortable.
  • Womens car should be bought in the colour they like.
  • The best womens car is of course Mercedes.
  • A perfect womens car would be the car that attracts men.

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By poetry, published at 02/19/2012
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