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Girls have their own priorities and preferences. Usually girls are thought to be fond of the usual makeup, clothes and accessories, so things related to these are associated with them. However, there is a lot more to girls than makeup and jewelry. Girls love to travel and tour and for this purpose they need a transport vehicle. Freedom has long remained a choice of the girls, hence they mostly wish to drive their vehicle themselves. This is where the phenomenon of girls’ car came from. A girl’s car has become a recent demand and priority for all those girls who have a passion for traveling and driving.


Previously, a girl’s car did not even exist. It was only the men who were associated with all kinds of transportation sources, and thus they were designed to meet the needs of men. Fast speed, automatic systems and gears were introduced to provide ease and comfort for the men. Hence, the concept of girls having their own personal car and driving it themselves did not exist. People believed that girls are bound to travel with men at their homes or on public transports and they had no right to own a personal car and drive it themselves.


This cliché has now been corrected with the dominance of girls in all fields of life. Girls have been overpowering men in all areas and thus share equal rights in everything. They stand shoulder to shoulder with men in all aspects of life. So talking about owning a car, a girl has all rights for it now. She is free to own her car and drive it herself wherever she wants to go. Even their licenses for driving are made easily nowadays. Talking to the best girls’ car, it all depends on the priorities of girls. Previously, the Toyota Camry was thought to be a fine car for women. It had all sorts of packages and varieties but the bad factor was that it required more gas, thus increasing the expenses. Then the Honda Civic Hybrid was introduced. It is better than Camry, on the grounds, that it saves the fuel costs to a great extent. It has all kinds of audio, automatic and remote control facilities in it. Let’s come to its negative aspect now, that it is not first class in terms of its interior and exteriors with reference to its cost. The best car so far considered is the Acura TSX. It is equipped with all kinds of facilities related to interior and exterior as well as low cost and less expenses for fuel.

Tips and Comments

While looking at the best girls’ car, one must keep in mind that it is equipped with all kinds of facilities that cater to the needs of a girl and provide her with comfort and ease. With the concept of these cars emerging, there are more girls day by day, who are ready to purchase and drive them to enjoy freedom of travel.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/12/2012
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the Best Girls Car. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.