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Hosting a Classic Car Show


A classic car is usually one that is approximately twenty to forty-five years old. The worth for such a car is more than one might imagine. Moreover, the lure of a classic car is far more than that of a contemporary automobile; resulting is attracting huge numbers of people to its show. A car show helps in bringing many car lovers together giving them an opportunity to discuss their likes and dislikes about automobiles. Also, meeting new car lovers is another opportunity that one gets when one goes to such a show. Keeping these guests entertained yet informed about every aspect of the show is the job of the host. This is a tiresome and testing job but if done skillfully, it benefits are multifold, both for the host and for the entire show itself.


A classic car show is most commonly attended by people who either manufacture automobiles themselves or have keen interest in the antique cars. Some of these shows occur once a year while some occur twice. This endeavor helps in promoting the worth of these cars as more people become aware about them. Such cars are also given importance because of the high value laid on their unique style and ancient yet grandeur veneer.


Since a huge amount of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the organizers of the car show, they must be thoroughly aware of their duties. They should have prior knowledge about the cars shown at the show in order to keep the guests hooked on to the show and not to let them get bored. Moreover, the host should keep in mind that a little mistake on his or her part could in turn lead to create a tarnished image about the cars shown at the show. It is imperative that the show is arranged at a place which is central or at least reachable for majority of the people who would probably come to the show. After deciding the venue and timings of the show, make sure that the promotion of this event is done thoroughly. Printing innovative pamphlets and circulating them properly is one of the major aspects of promotion. Also, promotion of this show could be done through some online websites. Furthermore, there are many people who are classic car lovers, and you would never want anyone of them to miss the opportunity to come to your show. Also, if your budget allows, then keep the cars shown at the show indoor so as to prevent them from getting dirty.

Tips and comments

Any classic car is a highly coveted thing by many people of the society, the hosts of the show should keep this in mind. Also, while hosting the car show make sure that you devise your own set of rules and regulations and stick to them till the very end of the show. Also, make sure that the show should take place on the day, timing, and venue mentioned in your promotion packages. The bottom line is that you make sure that your car show is a memorable experience for whoever attends it.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/13/2012
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Hosting a Classic Car Show. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.