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Purchasing a Crash Car Dumm


Crash car dummies are invented to improve the safety level of drivers as well as passengers of the car. It actually shows the impact of accident on particular model of car. On which parts the impact crash is more than others and other questions related in case of crash of that particular model of car. These crash cars actually work as test devices and their result is based on some basic physics theories such as velocity of the impact, torque of the body collided and speeds at the time of collision. These crash car dummies tested in many ways.

Significance of Crash Car Dummies:

These dummies are made of metal materials and some parts are made with vinyl plastic. For experts the point of interest is reaction of crash car dummies at a certain point of impact. The experts use that data when they start calculating the safety level of that particular make of the vehicle.

How it Functions:

Crash car dummies functions by driven getting crashed on different sides of the vehicle on extreme speed. The tools through which the experts measure the level are called accelerometers.

Where to Purchase Crash Car Dummies:

There are many online stores available where you can purchase these crash car dummies. As awareness among people increasing regarding safety measures, more and more people starts using crash car dummies to know the safety level of car in case of accident. Most of the big automobile companies are now making these crash car dummies in order to enhance the level of customer safety.

How it is Helpful in Reducing the Insurance Cost:

Insurance companies always ask higher premium rates for cars which are less safe. The chances of accident increased and probability of paying the claim for insurance companies also increased. In other words insurance company has to take more risk in the coverage of those cars. There are dummies of such models which have five star ratting during crash test it means company need less premium for those cars.

Latest Development in Dummies:

The old generations of crash car dummies are not in use now. Scientist develops a new design of dummies. These new dummies are more like humans. In these type of dummies experts can see the impact of accident from various angles. In this new software experts have authority to remove the body parts of the dummy to see how much internal damage caused. Keeping in view the results of crash car dummy tests, motor manufacturer tries to make the shape of the car as safe and secured as possible. Crash car dummies are used to enhance the level of safety inside the vehicle during an accident. These crash car dummies play an important part in testing the safety level of the vehicles. Based on the results of these dummy tests, insurance companies quote premiums of the insurance of different car models. Crash car dummies are available in different stores online as well as in the market and can easily purchased.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 02/14/2012
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Purchasing a Crash Car Dumm. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.