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How To Rental National Car For Travel


No matter how experience you are in getting rental national car, still sometimes you find hard to cope with the rental national car agents. The field of rental cars is comprehensive and complicated. One needs to understand all the tricks and twists rental agents uses. One needs to think a step ahead of all these tricky companies and agents to save your precious money. Following are the few tips which help you in dealing the rental car companies.

Need a Calculator:

Often you become so happy when they tell you rates on telephone or you read it on their website but come on, this is not all they charge from you. You need a calculator to calculate the actual charges which includes taxes, processing fee, surcharges, pickup/drop-up charges etc. Some companies even charge for additional drivers. If you calculate all, hiring a rental national car is not that cheap as it seems to be.

Step 1

Look for Discounts:

Whenever you call the rental national car companies always ask for discounts. These companies have some discounts such as weekend packages. The best way to look for the discount is go online and type the name of the company along with discount and you will see all.

Step 2

Go for Less Luxurious Cars:

Do not down yourself in the lucrative ads of luxurious cars on the website and broachers of these rental national car companies. They are professional people and they want to earn maximum from your pocket. Think why you need large or luxurious cars? If you just have to travel, you can choose the small car.

Step 3

Ask them About Restrictions:

Often companies do not tell restrictions at the time of presenting the package which caused headache in the end for you. You need to ask such questions before finalizing the deal. Such as they give you unlimited mileage package but in certain states it does not work.

Step 4

Always Back Them Car on Time:

Be sharp on time else they charge you extra and you have nothing to say. If you want to avoid such kind of situation, you need to know the exact time and try to reach before that.

Step 5

Avoid Rental national Car from Airport:

If you choose to rent a car from airport then keep in mind you have to pay extra for few reasons.


One on airport people are in less bargaining position. Secondly in airport area there are certain taxes and surcharges which you have to pay from your own pocket. Try to choose a suburban location to hire your rental national car in order to save the money.


If you keep in mind the above mentioned tips for hiring rental national cars, it becomes easier and convenient for you and at the same time you will be able to save considerable amount of money. Besides that you do not have to pay charges which you don’t know at the time of hiring a rental national car. If you spend little more time before finalizing the deal, it will save your time in the end actually when you keep arguing with the agent of the company at the time of returning the car.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 02/14/2012
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