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Rental Car National was founded in August 27 in the year 1947. It contains 24 independent Rental Car National operators, consisting with a fleet of 60 vehicles and 800 locations. Rental Car National is still a leader today through its tremendous growth, organizational changes, and new travel agency innovations. It is still a leader and king in the rental market today. Rental Car National is a premium, internationally recognized brand which is serving at its best the rental needs of the industry today and is operating in multiple countries, mainly the common countries that are listed below:

  • United States.
  • Canada.Mexico.
  • Latin America.
  • The Caribbean.Asia.
  • Pacific Rim


Rental Car National is also providing services on daily rental needs to the frequently airport business traveler. Rental Car National is also merged with global strategic alliance with Euro car as it is creating the world’s largest car rental network. At Rental Car National, you will experience a very friendly and good customer services environment along with high quality cars at competitive rates. You can even get a big discount at the Emerald card too. Emerald club is most likely the famous loyalty program in the rental industry. Emerald club benefits are most likely applicable primarily in USA, as you can also benefit from your Emerald Club membership while you retain your car at Curacao in the Rental Car National. The club members do have a facility that if they book through the website of Rental Car National, they get a 20% discount on the booking, as these days people prefer to book things on the internet rather than visiting the offices and then book. While you are coming up to pick your rental vehicle, you have to bring your membership card along with you so that the rental agents can explain the benefits ordered to you by Emerald Club.


The discount will be availed during pickup. Moreover, prices on the website are not included in the discounts. At Rental Car National Curacao, they are providing a variety of cars from which you can choose from, whether you are going a meeting and you want to get back, they have the car to choose that suites your needs. As general information, the rental rates of certain cars of Rental Cars National are listed below:


  • SUV (Kia US$ 47\ Day, US$282\ Week which is valid from 01-05-2012 till 31-07-2012).
  • INTERMEDIATE (Kia optima US$45\ Day, US$260\Week which is valid from 01-05-2012 till 31-07-2012).
  • COMPACT (Nissan US$40\Day, US$240\ Week 01-05-2012 till 31-07-2012).
  • While booking a car at Rental Car National you can have the following advantages and opportunities:
  • Minimum waiting time.
  • Knowledgeable rental agents who can assist you with all your rental needs.
  • Friendly employees who can appreciate your patronage.
  • Employee who can go the extra mileage for you.
  • Well kept fleet. Free road map. 20% discount for all Emerald members.
  • 24 hour road services.
  • One additional driver free of charge for Emerald Members.
By Eva Rosenberg, published at 02/15/2012
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Rental Car National Rates. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.