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10 Free Car Advice Tips


Do you have plans on purchasing a car any time soon? If you are, then you might want to get some free car advice on how to get the best deal you can possibly have. Buying a car is a major investment, and requires a lot of consideration and planning. You may think you know enough to get the best deals possible, but you’d be surprised at how little you know. Here are some free car tips that you can use to help you pick out your dream car.

Step 1

When buying a car, the first thing that you should do is always appear uninterested. Make it seem like you are simply there to take a look at the car, but you don’t have any intention of buying it as of yet. Simply make the seller of the car know that you might buy it after considering all the other options that you have. Doing this will make the seller want to give you a much better offer for your car.

Step 2

A second free car tip is that you should always make sure that you do your homework. If you are interested in a particular car, you should learn as much as you can about the car that you have intention of buying. Doing this will help give you an edge when dealing with the seller because you know what the strengths and weaknesses of the car are.

Step 3

If you can, try to learn how much the seller of the car had to pay when he bought the car. You can use this free car information to haggle the price of the car that he is selling. This is helpful free car advice that you can use to drastically alter the original offer of the seller and sway it to your advantage.

Step 4

Another free car advice is that you should try to get quotations for prices from different other dealers. This will help you gauge how much your car would really cost in the market. You can now bargain for a more reasonable price if you feel that the price that the seller is selling is not up to par to what you are willing to pay for one.

Step 5

Try to get as many free car items or upgrades as you can. If you cannot get the seller to lower his price, you can always ask him to throw in an extra freebie just to sweeten your deal. This free car advice will let you get more out of your deal.

Step 6

Another free car advice is you should avoid leasing as much as possible. Leasing is basically just renting the car for a certain stretch of time. This means that once that period of time is over, you are supposed to return the vehicle after all that time that you spent paying for the car.

Step 7

One of the free car advice tips that you should also consider is that you should be sure to take the car out for a test drive. Buying a car without even test driving it is not a good idea because you need to understand how the car operates and performs when you are driving it. Driving the car should feel right in your hands.

Step 8

Another free car advice tip is that you should not be afraid to nitpick. Keep in mind that once you buy a car, you would be spending a considerable amount of time driving it, so you better make sure that the car that you are buying is all that you want in order to avoid any regret on your part. Consider every little detail about the car, from how it performs to the level of comfort that you get when you are in your car.

Step 9

Another free car tip is to consider all the fees and charges that could be included in the contract that you will be signing when you buy the car. Make sure that all fees and charges are accounted for and considered.

Step 10

Always remember that in order to get the car seller to change his tune when selling his car you need to be able to walk away from any deal that you think will not benefit you the most. Being able to walk away can greatly affect how the seller would bargain with you.


These are just some of the free car advice tips that you can use when purchasing your dream car. This can help you get the best possible deal you can get from a car seller or dealership.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/09/2012
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10 Free Car Advice Tips. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.