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What Is the Best Value Car From Toyota?


What is the prime definition of a value car for a lay person? Words like fuel effective, good mileage, affordable, small size, sleek appearance, comfortable interiors are some of the words that come in mind. But to determine which car is the best value car, Consumer Reports should be checked the, Consumer Report look at the combination of utility, reliability for the money, performance with reference to the total owners cost over the first five years. The better a car performs in consumers report road tests and reliability ratings and the less it costs to own, the greater its value. Consumer Reports identifies the best and worst values among the hundreds of vehicle it has tested in the eight category, the eight category includes family cars, small cars, minivans, small SUVs, Midsize SUVs, Upscale sedans, luxury sedans and sport cars.


Toyota Prius IV is the best value car under the family car category. Prius is Toyota’s third generation car and has the gasoline electric hybrid vehicle. Prius was launched in 2010 with an enhanced powerful engine and improved fuel consumption. Prius is also the first gasoline electric hybrid car which was put to sale in Japan in the year 1997. Since that time and till today, the Prius has made its mark to be the bestselling hybrid vehicle in the United States and the world. The Toyota Prius made its debut the United States market in 2000, and the second-generation made its entered in 2004. Prius debuted in the fall of 2003 as the first Toyota product to use Hybrid Synergy Drive, Toyota’s third-generation gas-electric hybrid power train technology.


Toyota Prius was the most highly anticipated car which was eagerly awaited. Some of the only reasons for it to be the best value car was because it was fuel efficient, secondly it was proven hybrid technology at more accessible price and thirdly it had high degree of convenience and in car electronics, with not so common five door configuration, creating altogether a less compromised and sophisticated compact car experience. Blue tooth, hands free phone connectivity, nine air bags, steering wheel audio controls are going to be some of the additional standard features on 2012 Prius.

Tips and Comments

Although, Prius is the best value car for now, but in past there were many best value cars made by Toyota, which are still like and appreciated by the customers till now. Toyota corolla is one of the lines of subcompact cars. Toyota corolla was first introduced in 1966, and in 1997 Corolla became the bestselling car in the world, with over 40 million sold in just 2007. Over the past 40 years, on average, Corolla sold one car every forty seconds. But it is worth to notice that Toyota has gone a significant way in redesigning. Toyota is now estimated to forecasting a profit of 200 billion yen 2012. Despite the improvement, the prediction still shows that Toyota has work to do before it regain reputation that other high end auto mobile enjoy. The recent forecast is that the company's half earnings in 2011 was less than one-eighth its profit in 2008, this was an exceptional year when the company sold nine million cars throughout the world. Toyota said it expects to sell about 7.4 million vehicles in the current fiscal year.

By Amara, published at 02/12/2012
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