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Accidents car insurance is primarily related to the accident of cars. Therefore, the accidents are classified into various types. The rates of insurance companies are adjusted according to these classifications. Accidents at fault involve statements from police, witnesses and drivers. The rate would increase if the collision has happened with another vehicle, although they would decrease their rates, knowingly, if the fault is at driver’s own part such as collision with a tree etc. Injuries of any kind will also help to increase the rate. However, collision with ambulance and police one’s will have not any impact on the rates. Lastly, if the driver had taken any kind of drugs or alcohol then it may have a negative impact upon the rates as well. The claim of an accident will be considered valid by the accidents car insurance if submitted within the time limit.


Car insurance is also known as vehicle insurance, auto insurance and motor insurance. This insurance is purchased for road vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. The purpose of car insurance is to provide monetary help in case of any substantial damage and physical injury due to accidents car. It means that insurance is related to the vehicle as well as the driver. The terms and conditions of car insurance vary from one country to the other. The costs which car insurance mostly covers include medical payments, physical damage, and third parties like property damage, bodily injury, fire and theft. While deciding insurance premium charges, the factors to consider according to the statuary law are gender, age, driving history, marital status, vehicle classifications and credit ratings.


While claiming for accidents car insurance, do contact your insurance company after the accident as soon as possible. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly, so that you can come to know on what bases you can generate claims. Details of the accidents like evidences are the necessary element while claiming for insurance. This includes pictures of the accident and contact numbers of the eyewitnesses. Make a proper documentation as a record which has conversations and dealings with company officer’s and agents, in it. Always save the bills and expenses incurred by the insurance company such as medical payments or repair work of vehicle. Never take any kind of liability on your own or admit the fact that it’s your fault. Accidents car insurance wants you to get registered for a claim within specific period of time, therefore, stick to that. Be sure to consult others before signing any document or taking a check as final payment.

Tips and Comments

Before purchasing accidents car insurance, there are some factors to well consider. Firstly, check for discounts. In order to save money, ponder over the discounts such as safe car discount, new car discount or discounts because you are in the military. It will surely benefit you in the long run. Secondly, look for such insurance companies that have lower monthly premium. Lastly, research well. Do a proper survey to look for insurance companies that offer cheap rates. It all depends on the company and how they work out their quotes.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/09/2012
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