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How To Diagnose Bad Car Gas Mileage


A bad car is never good for anyone. Of course, a car has to meet good quality standards for anyone to like it and eventually buy it. But how can anyone know if the car is already having problems? How can it be resolved? If the car has low tire pressure and poor service engine, then that car is most probably in trouble, specifically in gas mileage trouble. There are a number of factors that attributes to a bad car gas mileage.

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First of all, a bad car gas mileage can be a result of having a poorly built engine. A poorly built engine may just consume a lot of fuel to power it.

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Second, other than having a poorly built engine, the weight of the car is also one of the attributes that a lot people do not even consider. For example, if there are seats not used in the car, then it should be taken out already for there is no point in having the car's engine pull up more weight than it needs to, and eventually the gas consumption will just go down.

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Third, incomplete combustion due to ignition problems, poor compression, and worn out EGR valve is also a cause to such gas mileage problem.

Step 4

Fourth, having a dirty air filter is also an attribute to a bad car gas mileage. Anything that can affect how well the car's engine works can be cause to having a bad car.

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Lastly, after the car is diagnosed to be a bad car, how can such a problem be resolved? It is simple. The use of cruise control on the highway can give a constant even flow to the car's engine instead of the up and down pedaling. This technique helps save the car's engine, gears or the transmission parts wear, and the gas. Another way of saving gas is that if ever there are errands to do, it is simply best to combine them all in one trip if possible. Also, do not rev the car's engine just for fun for it obviously consumes gas as well. In addition, try not to use air conditioning if possible because it uses gas too.


In order to maintain the car in good quality, there are also other methods to be considered and obviously applied. One is tuning up the car's engine to keep it running at normal. Neglecting to do so may force the car's engine to work harder and use more fuel to get the same work done. Another thing to do is to fill the tank during cool hours. This stops the evaporation and helps get rid of having a bad car.

Having a good quality car can truly be anyone's prized possession. That is why the upkeep and maintenance of a car is very essential as it also protects its value. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a BAD CAR particularly with regards to gas mileage. These factors are relevant and must not be overlooked for it will do bigger damage and more incremental costs in the long run. Maintaining a car can be a tedious work but it is absolutely worth it. As they say, nothing can be more agitating and annoying than getting late because of a bad car.


By Seth Evan, published at 02/09/2012
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