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How To Parking Car in a Garage


Parking is when a person stops the vehicle and plans to leave it unoccupied for a short period of time. Parking car facilities are available in almost all public places, to facilitate the needs of the incoming and outgoing vehicles. Typically, on all the roads, either side is reserved for parking. Similarly, all the houses, apartments and flats also provide the parking car facility. In most developed counties to use the land more effectively, the government has constructed multi-level structures or underground parking facilities. Usually in most public places people have to park their own cars, but in some places like restaurants, business centers or store; there is Valet parking. Valet parking is a service where the vehicle is parked by a person called valet. Mostly, the service is free when it is provided by a store or a restaurant, but if it is in a public place like a shopping arcade, then it is charged. This article will guide as to how you can park your car.

Step 1

Parking your car in a garage can be a bit of a problem, especially if the driver is inexperienced. There are many kinds of parking that is done in a garage, for example, parallel parking, where the cars are parked parallel to each other and the front of the car faces the back of the other car. This type of parking is more common in streets and in the garage of a house. Then, there are perpendicular parking and angular parking. For each type of parking, a different technique is needed. However, the basic rules remain the same.

Step 2

Parking a car can be made easy with the new technology in hand. On average it takes about ninety minutes for a driver to park the car in a week. As the traffic on the road is traveling at a fast pace so is the difficulty with the parking. This is where automated parking comes in handy.

Step 3

The automated parking car system is a state of the art device that is used worldwide, mostly in the developed countries. The system works when you put the car in the reverse gear, which also activates the back camera. There is a button at the end of the camera footage screen that emulates a parking lot. If that button is pressed and if the parking space exceeds a distance of six feet ahead of the car, it automatically transfers to a mode known as the system of advanced parking guidance. This system starts beeping if you get very close to an obstacle which helps you avoid any accident.

Step 4

For those who do not have that system, when parking car, keep your eyes on the rear-view mirror as well as the side mirrors to keep track of the things around. Put the car in reverse gear and push the accelerator. Make sure you reverse at a slow speed as you are turning the car backwards.

Step 5

Once you have started parking car, make sure you are in alignment with the parking slot of your car. Remain in the lines drawn and there you go! You have successfully parked your car.


Although parking car can be a bit of a fuss, and this is the usual spot where the inexperienced drivers find it most hard, the new parking facilities have eased much of the pain. The system is safe, prevents drivers from hassles and accidents. There is also another technology called the Parking Wizard. It is a wall mounted assistance that shines or illuminates a red stop light when the car reaches its perfect place. However, not all cars have these parking car technology in them so you must know how to park the car otherwise as well.

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