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Negotiating the Use Of a Company Car


One of the many perks of having a job is the privilege of using the company car. As an employee, one must keep in mind that he or she should take precaution in using this company property. Everyone should realize the fact that they have full responsibility for the vehicle when they are using it. There should never be an exception for the rules that are already set. After all, the company car policy was implemented to be observed and followed.


Of course, not everyone in the company can borrow the vehicle. There are only certain job positions that are allowed to enjoy such privilege. Some of these employees even have to negotiate their right to use the company car. In short, not just anyone can use the vehicle without getting an approval from the authorized personnel. This company property cannot be used for personal purposes as well. For example, an employee cannot use this car if he or she wants to go on an excursion with his or her family and friends. Nor can he or she use it in moving out from his or her current place of residence. That would definitely be a major offense against the effectuated policy.


Here are some of the things that are considered in making a company car policy. First of all, the types of vehicle to be purchased are discussed by the authorities. They will definitely look at the model, check whether it has low emission, etc. Majority of the companies out there, especially big ones, set out a CO2 limit for their fleet. They do this in order to control the corporation tax related to each car. Long-time employees are also given the opportunity to trade their vehicles for new ones after a certain period of time. However, this will depend on their annual salaries as well. Some businesses provide a cash alternative or a different incentive to lure away their workers from using the company car.

Tips and comments

Tips in using the company car:

1. A responsible employee should always keep a travel register that will show important details such as mileage and reasons for using the company car.

2. As mentioned earlier, company-owned vehicles must only be used for business purposes. Although there may be cases that an employee is allowed to use it for personal means, he or she must not be abusive.

3. An employee must take care of this vehicle as if it is his or her own. Some of the things that he or she should monitor are tire pressure, fluid levels and overall cleanliness of the car.

4. When using the car, the person should always abide by the government traffic laws. Infractions against these rules will send out a negative impression to the company owners.

5. One must also keep his or her driver’s record clean. Before lending out the vehicle, the company’s authorities will surely look at one’s driving record. If an employee has had one too many driving infractions, he or she may not be allowed to borrow the company car at all.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/10/2012
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