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the Best American Car Companies


There are many American car makers in the US but not all of them can be termed as being among the best car companies. Top of the best America car companies is the "Big three’’ as they are referred to both in the USA and the rest of the world. The Big Three include Ford, General motors and Chrysler which are at times also referred to as the Detroit three. For quite a while these American car companies were the largest in the world and even today two of them are still the best in the world.

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Ford has been rated as the second best American car maker for more than five decades though its not as famous in the northern part of the states due to stiff competition from Toyota since 2007.Though Toyota has been a challenge even to GM its yet to outdo the company in sales. In north America market the big three American car makers have continued their dominance though no one can tell for how long they will retain that position.

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Honda passed Chrysler at some point in sales in 2008 however it does not seem like it didn’t hold that position for long. Toyota has fallen from being a challenger of any of the big three America car makers due to its woes with the recent accelerations problems which have continuous plagued it, making it fourth in the market while Honda is a distant fifth.

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The big three are not only distinguished by their size but also by their location and model of business .Most of the work force of the big three are unionized members, this has not made it any easier for these multinational firm to operate in any of those countries. The three American car makers have been going through some economical downtimes due to a raft of issues including very high labor costs. Due to these problems some of them have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy so as to salvage their companies from being milked dry by the labor costs.

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Recently the big three have made pact with the workers union which enable them to lower wages so as to remain profitable in the current harsh economical down turn. In return the three American car making companies will undertake to commit more funds in health care and pension.

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GM has led the pack of the American car makers by ensuring that the healthcare insurance premiums of its workers and their dependants are taken care of by the company. This came at a time when the US didn’t have a comprehensive healthcare system. By taking up these commitments of ensuring that workers are taken care of in health and pension issues the big three American car makers are seeking to survive the economical downturn without suffering irreparable damage.


Though the big three American car makers have enjoyed being in the spotlight they are constantly finding themselves hedge by the modern demands of compact car. As result they have redirected their resources to SUVs and light trucks which seem to be making more profits for the companies.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/14/2012
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