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Buying a car is a major decision especially when you have a family. A family car needs to be safe, have ample space, good fuel consumption and be easily accessible. Price does play a part as well when looking to purchase a family car. Here is a short list of the best family cars currently in the market. They are in no particular order.

Step 1

Nissan Cube:

Going for less than $15,000, this is a family car that has enough room for a car seat and it has enough head room for the passengers too. The trunk has ample storage space for just about anything. The overall shape of the car might be considered interesting but it generally has all the necessary features that a good family car requires.

Step 2

Subaru Impreza:

This car is quite high on safety with its electronic stability control as well as the all wheel drive. It is a family car that drives well and has adequate room for storage and comfortable seating. Its tag price is less than $19,000.

Step 3

Hyundai Elantra Touring:

This is the perfect family car for a new family. It is great for travelling long distances because it has lots of storage space as well as room for everyone inside. If your family enjoys taking trips, this is the family car to get. Priced under $17,000, it has all the necessary features to offer safety and comfort.

Step 4

Toyota Prius:

This sedan comes with ample room for the whole family. It is great when it comes to fuel consumption and the price tag is not too bad either. It costs a little over $23,000. This family car is one of the best electric cars in the market.

Step 5

Mazda 5:

Many families will opt for SUV’s when it comes to purchasing a family car. They have a lot of room, which allows for a lot of baggage yet there will still be enough space for passengers. The Mazda 5 is ideal if you are looking for a sleek minivan that will not cost you too much. This model costs less than $19,000.

Step 6

Dodge Caliber:

The dodge caliber affords the driver and passengers plenty of space to sit and enjoy the ride. This is a great family car for traveling in. It has features that are similar to a SUV and lots of storage space. It goes for $17,000 and it is one of the good vehicles currently in the market.

Step 7

Kia Forte:

This is a five door family car that has a price tag slightly above $18,000. Fuel consumption is great and the back seat collapses to provide more storage space when necessary. The interior upholstery is leather and the seats are heated. The car has modern features that include Bluetooth connection as well as USB portals.

Honda Fit:

It may seem small but this family car is designed to provide comfort for the family and enough room for all the bulky stuff they may want to transport. There is a lot of room for the driver as well as the passengers. It does not consumer too much gas and its safety levels are high. The price is set at $15,610 though it is available in two models, sport and the base Honda fit model.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/14/2012
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the Best Family Car. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.