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What Is the Best Dvd Player Car Radio?


Travelling can be a tiresome task. Especially in today’s world owning a car in a city is somewhat a greater hassle than not owning a car. This is because of the increasing traffic in urban areas resulting in more road blocks and traffic jams. In such cases, owning a DVD player car radio can be a simple solution to not get bored or frustrated during the journey. DVD player car radios are easily available and are equally easy to install and use. They can not only make one’s trip more enjoyable, but are also a great way to kill time.


With increasing modern technology, there have been great advances in modern gadgets. The DVD player car radio is one such device which has benefited from advancing technology. Now the same car radio can have many more uses instead of being just a simple music player. Modern technology has also ensured that all these extra facilities are still contained in that small area allocated for music players in cars, making sure no extra space is required for better quality and more advanced music players. This means that one can easily just replace the old music player and install a newer and better version without having to go through any hassle.


There are many specifications that can help you decide the best DVD player car radio. The most modern ones that are now available include a touch input, meaning the small, hard-to-press buttons are now becoming obsolete. On average, these include a seven inch LCD touch screen display which is user friendly and easy for all to operate. The LCD also enables one to easily select tracks being played and skip to specific songs on the DVD instead of surfing through the entire song list. The touch LCD also doubles as a small monitor which can be used to view videos. This is especially more suitable for families or people who travel with children. It provides a source of entertainment for the other passengers of the car. Another type of player is that which has a flip-down front panel. In better versions, the flip-down panel is motorized and you can move it just with a press of a button. The CD or DVD input can then be placed inside and the player will automatically close and start playback. All-in-one players contain a DVD player, speakers, screen as well as a cassette player which may seem useless, but some folks find that a pretty useful feature.

Tips and comments

While buying a DVD player car radio, make sure you look at all the options available before choosing the one you select. There are plenty of options to choose from so do your market research before buying. Another useful advice is to always carry a DVD with you so that you can know whether your player is compatible with the type of DVDs that you own. That could save a lot of time later. Finally, keep your price range in mind, as advanced players may seem attractive, but they are also very expensive.

By Amara, published at 02/13/2012
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