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About Heathrow Car Parking


The Heathrow Airport situated in London, United Kingdom is considered to be the busiest airport in the whole of United Kingdom. Being the third busiest airport in the world it is constantly packed with passengers. The Heathrow airport handles more international passengers than any other airport across the world and there is no surprise then that at Heathrow car parking can become a bit of an issue. The more passengers that swarm the terminals, the more influx of traffic there is and with a variety of personal cars as well taxi’s for hire that are there, you need to go with a plan if you want to utilize Heathrow car parking facilities. The airport’s size and air traffic is not new to anyone who has gone on an international flight. England is a popular place of business as well as a tourist attraction and so Heathrow stays busy all year round (especially during the holidays).


It is owned and managed by BAA limited which have several other airports across The United Kingdom. Since it is such a busy airport it has a huge car parking area which has become a business for BAA as well. It is the original operator and mages the parking as well. You need to make reservations and book places for parking your cars at Heathrow car parking. You can book online as well. There are different sections and compartments at the Heathrow car parking area such as, Valet parking, Long stay, Short stay, Picking up and dropping off and Business parking. These sections make it easier for the passenger travelling to figure and plan out his stay.


For instance, The Valet Parking takes your car when you reach the airport drops you off at the required terminal and returns you the car upon your return. It ensures complete security as well as ease and comfort. Same is the case with long stay, short stay, Heathrow car parking sections. Usually there is a fellow being with the passenger who escorts him to the airport and then returns for such people the short stay area is the best option. For those, who do not be escorted and intend to keep their car at the Heathrow car parking area for a prolonged time the best preference for them is the long stay area. With regular transfers to the terminals, Long Stay is ideal for holidays or longer trips away.

Tips and comments

Going to England can be very fun but there is a huge chance for new passengers to get lost, after all the sheer size of the airport is enough to let anyone, even some passengers who have been there before a few times, to get lost. But Heathrow employs a staff just as big as its size and so if you do get lost there will be plenty of people there to guide you. The airport personnel are very experienced and trained plus there are numerous signs all around the airport that will guide you to wherever you need to go and if you left your car at the airport, make sure you remember exactly where you parked as even though it will be written on the ticket you get when you park, the sheer size of the parking lot will definitely have you looking.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/11/2012
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