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One of the most common and oldest hobbies of men is cars. All kinds of cars, new or vintage, sports or luxury, all kinds of cars spark interest in men. Having a car interest does not mean that one must own a car. Most people would go on with their lives without even owning a car but that does not stop them from enjoying their hobby. One of the most common things about automobile enthusiasts is that they tend to attend or even host car shows. Car shows happen all over the world where car owners participate by bringing their cars to the show. These people who bring their cars to the show usually have done something interesting to their cars to make them stand out. This is another thing about car enthusiasts that they want their cars to be different from the rest.


In the early 1950s car shows began forming up at different places. People would even drive their car miles away to be part of the shows, and slowly these simple car shows started becoming parts of official car clubs. There would different clubs in different countries and those international car clubs became world car clubs. This tradition of world car clubs has been going around for a long time and enthusiasts drive long distances to be a part of it or even just to watch the different cars being shown off by their proud owners.


World car clubs are usually organized by large parties. These parties either are private parties who have no affiliation with any car manufacturing company or others who are part of a specific company and thus in those car clubs only owners of cars of that company can be a part of it. There are many Ferrari clubs, Mercedes clubs, and other famous car companies organize their special world car clubs. There are many other non-company affiliated world car clubs in United States and in Britain. In these clubs there is no restriction of the make and model of the car. The basic requirement of these clubs is a large registration fee and an annual fee which these clubs use to host events and other car shows and sometimes on the maintenance of the cars of the members. These are usually very exclusive clubs and obviously having a car is prerequisite. Although in most cases having a cannot only be the requirement but the heads of the world car clubs analyze the cars and assess whether they are qualified to be part of the club or not. In most world car clubs it is an honor and privilege to be allowed in and most car enthusiasts dream of being part of that world club. These clubs organize local car shows as well as travelling international shows where the members travel to different part of the countries or even different countries.

Tips and comments

People who are enthusiastic about being part of these world car clubs should always remember that the uniqueness of the car and its condition are the main thing that makes a great car better.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/15/2012
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