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Europe is the centre of the world car companies and even the birth place of the automotive industry. From Germany, to Spain and Italy, it is here where most of the major car companies are headed and founded. The world’s largest car manufacturers are mostly in Europe and that means the best cars in the world are all born in Europe. Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and other top companies have the industries in Europe, and thus the main car clubs and car shows are all organized in Europe.


In 1990s car shows became increasingly popular and this is where people even began sharing and trading their one of kind cars with other enthusiasts. United Kingdom is where these activities originated and spread across all of Europe. Europe car clubs are one of the most popular car clubs in the world and have been home to many car manufacturers like Aston Martin and BMW.


Europe Car clubs and Europe car shows are one of the many events that people and car enthusiasts look forward to all year. This is the even when they can show off their cars to other automobile enthusiasts and collectors. People have taken care of their cars for years. These cars are mostly either old classics, or brand new sports cars. Vintage car owners have always been the centre of attention in these Europe car clubs and shows because these are old cars that are taken care of by their owners. These cars can be as old as 50 years but because of the interests of the owners they look brand new. Theses vintage cars are mostly the main attraction because these are extremely rare to find since they went out of production years ago. The car is more valuable and sought after if all its parts are original including the paint and of course no damage to it. City Europe Car Club is one of the top clubs in Europe and has around 60000 members in its name. It is operated in United Kingdom and people all over the continent are members of it. The member has to be allotted a card with a 4 digit security code, which goes to show the level of security and exclusivity of the club. Another kind of Europe car clubs exist where people get special modification to their cars and bring them to their shows. These clubs and shows are not of such grand level since the major Europe car clubs look down upon modifications being done to cars. They prefer cars in their original conditions and wit original parts. Sports car with extended bumpers and large spoilers are also found in these small clubs and shows. Low rider clubs are also present in Europe but in very small numbers. They are more common in United States.

Tips and comments

For all those car enthusiasts all over Europe, it is generally advised to take care of their car without adding parts that are not already part of the original design. The more closer it is to the original it is better and more valuable.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/13/2012
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