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About Your Baby And Car Travel


Everyone needs a break from there daily lives and stressful routines, thus a vacation is the perfect solution for a good break and spending quality time with your family and children. However, planning to travel with a baby can be a difficult task since the two terms baby and car really don’t go well. But the combination of baby and car is not only impossible but can be worked out really well if conducted in organized and disciplinary steps. The trip should be planned in an organized manner laying down the entire stop over’s and the check points by the help of a map where the car can be stopped in case of emergencies with the baby. With a baby present, one parent should be ready for any kind of mood swings and condition brought upon them by the baby. All the baby essentials should be present i.e. his entertainment, health, protection and in case of emergency.


Some babies hate travelling in a car because of car seats which are an essential item if a baby is present in your family for his protection, security and since the car seats have been made compulsory by the government too, thus the combination of baby and car always proving to be dreadful. But the experience of baby and car can be made a lot better if his entertainment is properly planned. Placing a box of toys besides him, which include brightly colored rattles, cars, his favorite stuffed toy and building blocks, can make greatly distract him and making him feel safe, secure and completely at ease. Even if the baby is generally annoyed by being placed in a car seat, it can be avoided by distracting him like this. His favorite music playlist can be played to distract the child from the discomfort of the car seat.


The features of a well planned trip include being ready for all kinds of circumstances when baby and car, both terms are placed together. Babies annoyed by car seats are dealt with, but if crying in the car seat is new and unusual then making sure the baby’s health is up to the mark is the thing to do. Keeping all the required medicines that can occur of coming down with a flu or fever is vital since with a baby you never know what you are about to face. Keeping colorful toys is always beneficial since whatever mood the baby is in, it keeps him distracted and busy. Music always calms the baby down and getting his attention by playing his favorite songs is the best thing to do.

Tips and comments

If the child is not comfortable with a car seat then practice placing the baby in a car seat at home so that he is familiarized by it and is at ease while travelling in the car, thus the baby and car both prove to go along well. Placing a colorful poster or a mirror in front of the baby’s face is a good suggestion since it keeps him distracted.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/13/2012
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About Your Baby And Car Travel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.