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Traveling is an exciting thing but it is not very friendly to the pocket. Holidays can be enjoyed at a low budget with adequate research and knowledge of the country. Instead of hailing cabs and using taxis as a means of transport, rental car Ireland offers a better solution. This allows a tourist to rent a car at a low price. If a tourist has made his travel arrangements through a package, then car rental is included in that cost along with the plane ticket and hotel accommodation. Other means of cheap transport while traveling abroad are trains, buses and trams. Whatever way is convenient and get you to your destination is a good way to travel by.


Car rental is in foreign countries is a recent phenomenon. This service started once it was realized that the tourist did not only wish to see the capital cities but what else the country has to offer. These destinations were not accessible using public transport. In order to counter this problem, this idea was introduced.


If the beauty of Ireland is to be truly absorbed then rental car Ireland is the best option. Packages for such rentals can be booked through a local travel company. These can also be booked online from home computers. Some tourists like to reach the destination and then book a rental car Ireland. This is to ensure that the business is legitimate. Booking online or through a travel agent is a better option is the car can be acquired at a discounted price. Before renting a car, a tourist must make sure that their travel insurance applies across borders. This is a necessary precaution. In case the car gets damaged, the tourist will not have to pay for it. Rental car Ireland is a complicated process and involves the filling out of forms and paperwork but it is the best way to see the country. Obscure Irish destinations such as Ring of Kerry, Dingle and Galway can be enjoyed. The car can be rented at the price of £9 per day; if the car is rented for more than a week then a discount is offered. Often while renting a car, a tourist may be asked to prove his identity in at least two forms. An advance fee also needs to be paid for the rented car.

Tips and Comments

While traveling, renting a car is more economical than other means. Hailing a tab is costly and expensive. If the trip to Ireland is during the summer, when more tourists travel, it can be more inconvenient. Rental cars in Ireland are more convenient. A tourist can visit as many places as he wants once the payment for the day has been made. It allows the traveller to experience the country at his pace without worrying about the budget. Before leaving a country, a tourist must make sure that he or she has all the necessary documentation required to rent a car, such as an international driving license. Rental car Ireland often covers all insurance costs in case the car is involved in any accidents.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/14/2012
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