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How Expensive Are Diesel Cars Trucks?


Whether you are someone who cannot decide whether it is a good idea to buy diesel cars trucks or someone who already owns one, the question of economy is one that seems to come up a lot. Vehicles that run on diesel, such as diesel cars trucks tend to be more expensive that their counterpart that utilize petrol instead. The reason for this is rather straightforward. A diesel engine is more difficult to manufacture and requires more time, technical input and capital. When the prices at which diesel cars trucks are being manufactured are higher, the prices at which they are sold will definitely be higher too.


Though diesel and petrol come from the same source, diesel should, at the outset, have a lower price because it is in a more crude form. It requires less refining and less capital investment in being made ready to be commercially used. However, due to many other factors, such as demand etc., taxes favor the use of petrol, by ultimately making diesel more expensive. Another thing that makes diesel more expensive is the idea that it is more polluting. There are environmentalists clamoring about disadvantages of diesel and how it is detrimental to the environment, and they ask for removal of any excise benefits that are extended to certain types of diesel vehicles and imposing a 'Diesel tax' on them instead. A study in Europe, surprisingly, shows that this is not the case, and that if the full life-cycle is taken into account, diesel cars are 'greener' over a term than hybrid vehicles or even those that are electrically powered.


However, this is no reason to totally let go of the idea of buying diesel cars trucks. You see, over a period of time, they are actually a better bargain. This is because diesel engines tend to last longer with lesser maintenance, and do not undergo as much wear and tear as the petrol kinds. The initial investment may seem to be rather high, but for long term returns, diesel cars trucks are the better bargain. In as little as a couple of years, the owner of a diesel car can make up for the price difference between the diesel and petrol variant, depending on the use of the car.

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The price of diesel or the initial investment should not throw you off your idea of buying a diesel car or truck. This is because all surveys have showed that running costs for diesel engines are finally lower, by up to 20%. There has been a marked increase in demand for diesel variants of cars by high mileage business customers, as they know that over a short span of time, they will be able to make good their investment. Plus, with the price gap between petrol and diesel getting narrower, there is only more reason to buy diesel engines. Though, of course, before you make a dash for diesel, keep track of the fact that the difference might just increase again.

By Smita, published at 02/19/2012
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