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Review Of the Charger Car


The Dodge Charger car is a remarkable piece of machinery. The new Charger car suffered a serious transformation from being a two door muscle car to a four door sedan. The charger car is known for being a muscle car and everyone knows that in the ‘60s the Charger car was one of the most popular cars. With a good history in NASCAR the Dodge Charger car has taken the next step into modern days. The new Charger car is more like a muscle car for the entire family. The transition from a two door car to a sedan was made perfectly by the Dodge designers and engineers. Unlike many of its predecessors the new charger car has a really beautiful and useful interior and it’s very well equipped.


The new Dodge Charger car has the same driving platform that was used by Mercedes on the Chrysler 300. This new model of the Charger car has four doors and it’s also larger then a midsize sedan. This new Dodge car stands out of the pack with very beautiful design lines. The frontend has been designed to be very aggressive and it makes the car look like an old school muscle car.

To keep all of their customers happy the people from Dodge put dual exhaust on all of the versions of the Charger car. There is also the option of having 20-inch wheels straight from the factory although the standard wheels are 17-inch aluminum.

Probably the best thing about the new charger car is the very much improved V-6 engine. This engine can develop 292 horsepower at 6,350 rpm. This car has is very fun to drive, the power of the car is more than enough for the average driver. The fuel consumption is also very good, the new Charger car takes around 21 mpg but it also brings a lot of power. This car can reach 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. This car gives you a real good feeling when you are behind the wheel, it is very powerful and it’s also very comfortable.

The interior of the Charger car is very impressive, because the cabin is very spacious and it’s very well equipped. Another good thing about this car is that is really comfy and it has a very good price and also there is always the option for all-wheel drive.


The Charger car made its debut in 1966, since then the car has transformed several times and it received a lot of critics and praise at the same time. The Charger car always had its customers, but with this new model Dodge really made a great car. A high performance sedan car that is very luxurious and well spaced. It really is a car for the whole family.
The new Charger car is also a step to the future, Dodge was very careful with the fuel consumption of this car. With high government fuel efficiency standards keeping the Charger car to low fuel consumption was a priority for the manufacturers.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/15/2012
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Review Of the Charger Car. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.