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the Cheapest Car From Ford in 2011


Ford hasnt dissapointed in releasing new vehicles every time. In fact the year of 2011, they release one which is cheap and very afffordable. If you have never heard of it, then this is the best place to be. Below is a comprehensive article on the cheapest car from ford in 2011 that you should know about.

Ford Car Makers

Ford, based in U.S, is a car manufacturer widely known for manufacturing high-end car models. The company has been producing cars since its foundation in the early 1900’s after being founded by Henry Ford, after whom it is named. The company is known to produce highly priced cars. However, Ford Fiesta emerged as the cheapest car from Ford in 2011. In fact, this car model from Ford was ranked as one of the cheapest cars in 2011 among other car models. Ford Fiesta was first produced in late 1970’s. It has however been branded to have better features since then. Ford Fiesta’s design makes it a mini car. This helped it become the cheapest car from Ford in 2011 as it costs less to manufacture it due to its small size compared to other Ford models. Ford Fiesta, the cheapest car from Ford in 2011, boasts as Sedan that earned as the cheapest model of a Sedan in many awards. There is also a hatchback model that attracted similar attention over 2011. Ford Fiesta Mark VI comes in four different models in total. The sedan features four doors. The hatchbacks are two designs and come in five and three door designs. Finally is a van model which comes as a two door design. The hatchback and sedan designs are the ones that featured lowest prices.

More Information on Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta of the sedan model that won the hearts of many due to being the cheapest car from Ford in 2011 features a 1.6 liters engine with a 6 speed transmission system of Power Shift design. This is the latest design from Ford on transmission. This design makes Ford Fiesta consume less fuel due to the system being far more efficient compared to other transmission systems on automatic designs. The clutches are dual meaning that each of the two clutches performs three transmissions. Another feature that makes it an outstanding car as well as the cheapest car from Ford in 2011 is its lower carbon emissions. Design of its 1.6 liters diesel engine is such that filters are in place to ensure minimal carbon emission after combustion.

Tips and comments on ford Fiesta

The cheapest car from Ford in 2011 being Ford Fiesta is as well boosted by its economical fuel consumption. When tested on a highway, this model is believed to consume around 40 mpg. This is a completely fuel efficient car. Its low fuel consumption means that more carbon is emitted. Despite its low fuel consumption, it still gives more power. Thus, low fuel consumption in this model does not limit its performance like many cars that consume little fuel. The cheapest car from Ford in 2011, Ford Fiesta, boasts of a maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hours. It can accelerate from a speed of zero kilometers per hour to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 8 seconds. Such desirable features made the car sell highly globally. Ford Fiesta was selling at prices ranging from around $13,000 to $16,000 depending on model and country making it the cheapest car from Ford in 2011.

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