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New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. The urban jungle is full of people who are trying to get places at all hours of the day. The best way of travelling within the city is the Subway, an underground train system. Taxis can prove be very costly. Because this city is so crowded, travelling in taxis is extremely time-consuming. Driving in New York is also not a good option. Other than it being a time-consuming and frustration means of communication, NY car parking is another problem. NY car parking spots are difficult to find. The city is difficult to navigate through if you are driving as signs in this city can be confusing. So, it is must easier to spot a good parking lot in this busy city.


New York is a terribly crowded city and often people are frustrated by the traffic situation. The city developed the Subway, an underground railway system, to make matters better for the city and the convenience for its citizens. The traffic situation is because of its sheer size, multiple transport means are available such as buses, trains, pedicabs, cycle rickshaws, cars, taxis, and even a water taxis service, if a person wants to go from another island to another.


A frustration feature of driving is that it is time-consuming. To get to a place, a New Yorker has to leave his or home at least a couple of hours in advance. NY car parking causes many problems for people who choose this way of moving around. The parking meter has to be fed, once a NY car parking spot is found. These meters have to be fed by the hour. Often the car parking area is located further away from the building. If the car is accidently parked in the wrong spot, then a parking ticket is issued. This serves the purpose of fine. NY car parking areas usually have a time-zone, this is the time in which the car can stay parked. If the car is left for a longer time, then a parking ticket is issued.

Tips and comments

If a person living in New York chooses this way of commuting, then there are some ways in which the he or she can avoid frustration and parking tickets, both of which can lead to loss of temper. Road rage is the leading cause of accidents around the world and it should be avoided as much as a person can. A New Yorker should look for a parking garage near the residence or workplace. Often they are owned by large companies that provide a range of other facilities as well. These companies have a good services and offer discounts to people who park their cars their frequently. NY car parking is not only an arduous process but it is expensive as well. A person living in Manhattan, New York pays $431 a month for parking services. This cost can be largely minimised if a monthly price is negotiated. In order a secure the deal, a contract can be signed.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/18/2012
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