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Tips For Woman Car Drivers


There might be some form of discrimination among woman car drivers as their male counterparts say that they're not as good or alert on the road. This is not exactly true as statistics indicate that there are actually fewer accidents caused by women compared to men. Female drivers can further improve their skills and maintain safety at all times by following a few simple tips. These guidelines will help woman car drivers prevent accidents for the long term.

Step 1

Follow road laws and rules. Woman car drivers have to understand and carefully follow the rules of the road. They have to understand the different signs and know the speed limits. It's equally important to update themselves with the latest changes in the rules. They will first be oriented with these when they start to learn how to drive. They should also bring their driver's license with them at all times and make sure that it is updated.

Step 2

Get familiar with the vehicle. Woman car drivers have to know the strengths and limitations of their particular car or vehicle. Some women prefer driving using automatic transmission while others prefer manual. Read the car manual and also learn a few tips like proper safety features, how to use the light signals, lock mechanisms and brakes. They have to learn how to maneuver the vehicle in different terrains and settings.

Step 3

Be part of a club. There are car clubs and road safety groups that woman car drivers might be interested in joining. The car-specific groups are aimed towards helping women get more familiar with their vehicle. These organizations meet a few times each month and also online to share information on proper maintenance, repair and other useful updates regarding their specific cars and models. The road safety groups will be very useful for woman car who might experience some troubles on the road such as a flat tire, dysfunctional motor, overheating, etc. Calling the agency will have a mechanic at the scene within minutes to deal with the car problem.

Step 4

Control over speed. Woman car drivers should emphasize the importance of control over speed. They should know the speed limits of different areas and also practice safe driving techniques even if there are only a few cars on the highway or road. The faster a car goes, the less control the driver has. Women who have just started driving should master their vehicle first and practice driving in different areas. They should also learn how to park properly using a variety of techniques.


Never drink under the influence. According to studies, women can get intoxicated faster compared to men. Woman car drivers should never attempt to drive if they're under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs even if they think they can focus and concentrate. Women should also be cautious or refrain from driving if they feel any symptom of an underlying condition such as pain, dizziness or nausea. It's best to take a taxi or have someone else drive if these symptoms are present.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/17/2012
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