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About the Removal Of Acne Scar


Acne scars can lower self-esteem and change the appearance of the face which is why a lot of people are going for home and surgical methods for removal acne scar. The type of treatment will depend on the size and appearance of the scar. Small scars will do well with natural methods and can disappear in just a few short weeks. Bigger ones will require more drastic measures and might not be eliminated completely. Here are a few tips.

One of the best ways for removal acne scar is to know the particular type of scar. The type of treatment needed will depend on the type of scar. Scarring will differ among patients so treatment is needed immediately to prevent the skin from getting large and permanent damage. There four distinguished types are boxcar acne scars, ice pick acne scars, rolling scars and keloid scars. The boxcar type resembles a "U" and can either be shallow or deep. These are generally bigger compared to the ice pick type. The ice pick acne scars are narrow but deep resembling a "V". The type got its name from the shape of the wound, because it looks as if an ice pick has damaged the skin.

The rolling type got its name because of the wavy appearance of the skin. The scars pull the skin and create the rolls. The keloid scars usually form on other parts of the body like the back and chest. These are also known as hypertrophic acne scars. The removal acne scar will be easy for some types but those that are deep like the ice pick type are harder to remove.

The best way to avoid removal acne scars will be to prevent the problem altogether. People should always wash their hands and refrain from touching their face. They should also wash their face two to three times each day with clean tap water. Never pick on acne or scratch because these can cause acne scars. People should also use mild products on their skin and refrain from using a combination of powerful chemicals and agents that might make skin overly sensitive. There are natural ways to prevent skin problems like eating more fruits and vegetables that are good for the skin, drinking a lot of water and taking vitamin E.

If removal acne scars is needed for deep damage and ugly looking skin, dermatologists usually resort to fillers, skin resurfacing and subcision or excision. The approach will depend on the condition of the skin and type of acne. There are several techniques used. Some only render mild discomfort while there are others stay can be extremely painful. Others are painless too. some of the known treatments include chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser treatments, injecting fillers into the scars and excision of acne. Some methods require more than one visit to the dermatologist before good results occur. Compare clinics, products, procedures and dermatologists before getting treatment. Also find out the relative rates and fees of each procedure.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/17/2012
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