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How To Put a Track From a Cd Onto Itunes


More and more people are deciding to put away their old CDs and pull out their computers as a means to store a track of their favorite music. iTunes has revolutionized the way people store and listen to the music on a daily basis. With iTunes people can now search for a track and download it instantly. This means that if they have a favorite song from an artist they are no longer required to buy all of the other songs on an album so they can listen to the one they enjoy. Below are listed step-by-step directions so that you can take your favorite CDs and put them onto iTunes. This will enable you to make copies of your CD and put the songs onto an iPod or other music device.

Step 1

The first thing you will want to do is to pick out one of your favorite CDs. Many people have probably acquired a stack of CDs that they wish they could put onto iTunes for easy reference. Unless you plan to make a marathon of transferring your CDs to iTunes you will probably want to pick out your favorites from among the stack. This way you can learn the process and have your favorite music readily available.

Step 2

The second thing you want to do when placing a track on iTunes is to make sure you have iTunes installed onto your computer. iTunes is a free software that you can get from the iTunes website and is easy to install and activate. You do not have to give them any information about credit cards or payment methods. This makes iTunes a great software even if you don't plan to buy any songs or videos from the iTunes Store.

Step 3

When you are ready to place a track on iTunes you first need to get your favorite CD and then bring up the iTunes software. Leave the screen for iTunes up and place your favorite CD into the CD tray on your computer. After a few seconds you should be prompted by a question asking whether or not you want to transfer the CD to your iTunes library.

Step 4

Accept and follow all of the prompts on the screen. Once you have said yes to everything it should begin to download a track onto iTunes. It will download one song at a time from the CD, starting with the first one. This process will usually take a few minutes depending on the number of songs on the CD. Once the CD has finished downloading you can select a track and then had an artist and song title if they did not transfer automatically. Many times this information will be automatically transferred over when you download your CD onto iTunes.


Step 5

Once a track has been downloaded in the information has been transferred you will be able to listen to your CD on iTunes. The quality of the music should still be superior and you can also put the songs onto your iPod or music storage device. Now you are able to take your music with you wherever you go and not have to worry about carrying around a case of CDs. Over time assure you will find the service very useful and your music will be safe from the wear and tear of time.


Downloading a track iTunes is now easier than ever and provide you a way to safely store your music. Feel free to make copies of yours music onto blank CDs if you lose the originals. When downloading a track make sure you explore all of your options to make your music the best quality.

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By Michael Banks, published at 03/13/2012
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