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How Build Computer Yourself

Published at 02/08/2012 16:45:55


In the last decade the computer became more and more important. The need for quick solutions and high working speed made the computer an indispensable tool for everyone. If you want a computer you should ask for an expert opinion or you can do some research on how build computer yourself. If you decide to buy the parts separately you should know a few things about computers.

Step 1

We want in this material to give you some advice about how build computer yourself. First of all you need to know for what you will use the computer. Do you want a gaming station, a working station, a multimedia computer or something else? After you decide what you want it is the time to choose the parts. How build computer isn t that complicated.

Step 2

If you want to play the newest computer games we have some ideas how build computer without any help. You should go for a very good graphics card because, if you want your favorite games to work, it is the most important part. Next you should look for a good Crusoe games need a very good one. The Ram memory should be high as well, because of the high amount of movement involved in a game. How build computer for gaming is very simple: you search for the best parts; the gaming computer is the most expensive one.

Step 3

If you want a working station you will have to think what you will do with it. We can make some suggestions about how build computer for working on it. It depends entirely on what programs you work in. If you work with graphics programs, design programs or movie editing programs you will need minimum the same parts for a gaming computer. We recommend that if you don t know how build computer yourself, for this type of station ask an expert.

Step 4

For other programs like Office or 2D engineering programs you won t need such a large amount of Ram memory, about 2 GB will be enough. For the graphics card, 1GB of memory will be enough, even if the graphics card is low on the other features.

Step 5

For this working station you will not need a very big hard disk drive and the motherboard can be medium or even low quality, but you got to make sure it supports the rest of parts.How build computer is very simple for this type of computer.


For a multimedia computer you will primary need a big and fast hard disk drive. The bigger and faster it is the better. If you are asking how build computer, we have the answer for you, even for this one. After you decide what hard disk drive you want, then you should look for a medium(better a good) motherboard .The ram memory for this computer is not a very big problem , 2 GB should be enough even for HD 1080 movies. A graphics card of medium quality will be enough for this computer.

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We hope this advice gave you some idea of how build computer and will help you decide what sort of computer you need. Even if it is for gaming, working or multimedia, a computer is an indispensable tool for everyone.

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