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Computer upgrades have been used to give computers a better look and enable them to work better or even store more data and information. Computer upgrades have been of a lot of help in these recent times due to the rising economy and very high inflation rates. They have come as a savior to many people’s pockets. A while back if one’s computer was slow or did not have enough memory space they would sell it and buy one with what they wanted. But now due to advancement in technology all one has to do is upgrade the same computer they have. One can upgrade the memory space, processing speed, computer hardware and software and even customize their computer. All this is so as to boost the performance of your computer.


Computers have been there for a very long time and with every passing year they get better and better. The computers that are produced keep changing in size, processing speed, internal memory space, DVD drives, hard drives and many other things. With every new computer something is added to how the previous one was and ill instances this only makes the computer better. With the introduction of high speed internet many people have been able to easily upgrade their computers since they can research on the best upgrade options. Computer upgrades are very essential once in a while for the betterment of your computer.


The most popular computer upgrades are, memory upgrade. This is the most popular computer upgrade. It is also the easiest to do. To do a memory upgrade you must first understand what will be the best memory for your computer to work at its best. Memory computer upgrades are easily done because you just confirm how much memory your computer has and the kind of module it uses after that you check how many module slots are free and just buy a module with more space to add to the existing space. If your computer was new when you bought it and have never upgraded it all this information is provided in the manual. Video card upgrade enables you to play video games that are on the market. Sound upgrade improves the sound produced by your computer. DVD player/burner upgrade it enables you to format and burn data. Motherboard upgrade is the most difficult of all. When planning for this it is better to see a technician

Tips and comments

Computer upgrades are very good and helpful. If done correctly you will never have to buy another computer again. Where you have doubts you can consult a computer or software engineer for help and advice. Before buying any software confirm which will work best with your computer. Be very careful with your upgrades but if you do some of them wrongly like the motherboard upgrade your computer will become useless. Always consult with the user manual before making any rush decisions. When handled well computer upgrades can be an answer to most if not all your computer problems.

By Wanjiku Njuguna, published at 04/05/2012
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Popular Upgrades Computer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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