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How To Your Own Build Pc

Published at 02/08/2012 19:45:05


You might ask yourself why you would want to go through the hassle of building your own pc when there are experts at work that do it for a living. They must surely know what they’re doing right?. Well you might be surprised to learn that pre-built PCs are not always expertly built, and might have major flaws that will show up sooner or later, when you realize you have the top of the line processor but too little RAM to run a piece of software that you need.Your own build pc on the other hand will have exactley what you desire. The people that make these pre-built PCs often cut parts out to lower the overall cost of the system . The cut parts are usually not easily noticeable since they will obviously show what is good about the product they are selling. You might have noticed this when browsing for a PC, some of the PCs characteristics are not displayed anywhere and you have to ask the salesperson to show you the full details of the PC.
Another clear advantage of having your own build PC is that it’s obviously cheaper than buying a pre-built system.
And the final reason is that it’s extremely easy to have your own build pc.

Step 1

To have your own build PC you will need to know the basic components of the PC. Firstly you will need to find a PC case. The case should be the last component you buy though to make sure that all the other components will fit in the case. Yes some video cards don’t fit in some cases at all.
Next thing you need is the Motherboard, the big board where all other components will connect. Now, motherboards should be bough with keeping the type of processor you want in mind. This is because AMD processors need a certain type of motherboard, while Intel processors need another type. Picking up a compatible motherboard should not be hard as its compatibility is usually written on the box. Even simpler is to buy the Motherboard with the processor included in the package, but this will not always be what you are looking for when making your own build pc.

Step 2

Now you will need the processor. This is quite straight forward. Look into your wallet, think what kind of performance you are looking for and make a choice.
Next up is the Video card. Most video cards are now made for PCI-E slots, so you shouldn’t go wrong here. Just like with the processor think of what you want and how much you can afford.
Next you need a hard drive and most likely a DVD-ROM.

Step 3

Next are the various extras, like sound card, modem or network card that will go in your own build pc. These are usually embedded in the motherboard so you might not want to buy them separately. Usually only the sound card is worth buying if you’re looking for something better than the default audio from your motherboard.
Now pick up a screwdriver and let’s make your own build PC.

Step 4

First of all open up the case, and remove anything that is removable from inside. Pull out your motherboard. You will find small bits of plastic with a cylindrical shape usually. These are used as separators so that the motherboard does not touch the case at all.
Make sure you screw in all these separators since the PC will not work if the motherboard touches the case.

Step 5

Now screw in the motherboard and the power source that is usually provided with the case. Plug in all the power source wires into the motherboard. You can easily tell which goes where since there are special plugs for each. If you haven’t put in the processor yet do it now. Next plug in the various cards that need to go into the motherboard. Make sure you screw everything in properly.


Don’t be lazy. Loose parts may get damaged over time. Now you have your own build PC as soon as you screw in the case. Plug in and enjoy your own build pc.