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How To Retreive Backup Data

Published at 02/21/2012 06:12:06


Data can be deleted or lost. Logical erasing means that the file allocated zone is "declared" free. Physical deletion means that data is effectively erased. Physical deletion generally only happens when formatting or overwriting the memory support (and here is another question because there are several ways of formatting). In any other case, the system does not actually delete data it only lets you put something else in that space. This means that you can retrieve the backup data.

Step 1

When you accidentally delete a file, you have many more chances to retrieve backup data shortly after the event, because if you work on the computer for a long time the place where the backup data is can be rewritten.


Step 2

You are more likely to recover backup data from a hardware that was almost empty because any new file was written on an unused area and there was no need to overwrite the area previously occupied by a file that you deleted.

Step 3

A tip would be to not keep the hard disk very full. Today, there are enough ways to copy files to external media and to backup data. Now that those two issues are cleared, you need to see in which ways we can lose data and how we can proceed to recover the backup data.

Step 4

Often times, you lose files without them being deleted or without doing anything. It occurs when working on email attachments or files opened or created with different programs. In this case, the backup data is saved in directories and subdirectories very "deeply buried" and not where you expect to be. If a simple "Search tab" does not work, try to reopen the program and access the last file processed or do a "Save as" to see where that program usually saves documents.

Step 5

If files were accidentally deleted, the happiest version is that they are "lost" in the "Recycle Bin", "Trash" or "Wastebin". In this case, the desktop would be the place to find the Recycle Bin icon. If not, find the folder "Recycle Bin". Once found and identified the lost file, right click on it and choose to "restore".


If you made a backup data, look for it and recover the lost files. Depending on how old the backup, the file version is newer or older but it is something. If it is a computer from the office, ask your network administrator. It is very likely to be backups made automatically even if you do not know that. Files deleted from the Recycle Bin, inaccessible because of system errors, viruses or even formatting can be recovered using special software that can be purchased, usually for a fee, from the Internet or from shops.

Search the net with "Recover My Files", "Recover Lost Files", "Undelete files" or other variants. You will find at least one provider of such programs. Find out first if they are compatible with your operating system. If they are compatible with your system buy them and follow the instructions.