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The database backup features offered by different manufacturers of software and hardware solutions are important, especially because of the smartness of the hackers today. The home individual systems are vulnerable to those attacks, and in case your spyware and antivirus software is not able to reject the attack, you will need to restore the system to a previous state. This can be easily done with the help of the database backup systems.

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The database backup system is also important for webmasters that have their own internet pages. As a manager of such webpage, you will probably need to update your page often, and sometimes the modifications might affect the aspect or the technical aspects of the page. again, in this case, you will need the database backup software to restore the program to a previous state.

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The newest database backup programs have a FTP support, meaning that you can create automated backups directly on the server that hosts your page. the FTP plug-in is available for Wordpress pages, but also for pages made in Joomla or other programs. it is necessary to set restore points for your pages, but also for your system. all you need to do is to find a database backup system and to allow it to create backup restore points.

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However, before applying the datbase backup system to your pages, you will need to create a subdomain to test it. a safe alternative is a CDN system, and this is the simplest method to test the reliability of this feature. Just like any other backup solution, you will have the possibility to set the restore points manually, or to use the automated system allowing you to set restore points at some pre-defined hours and days.

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The database backup points are important, as you will need to revert to those points in two different scenarios. The simplest one is the one in which you make some modifications to the system, but then you realize the modifications are not that great for the system, and you need to revert to the old state of the page. this is the simplest method, and in case you don’t have a backup point set, you can talk with the hosting company, as they surely have the solution for you.

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Another problem would be the hacking attacks. In this case, your page might be completely damaged, or the hacker might get away with some important details about your clients. In this case, you will not only need to restore your page to a previous state, but also to try to minimize the effects of the attack.


The majority of hosting companies have advanced protection features, and all you need to do is to configure the database backup program. it is easy, but if you can’t manage it, you can always call the support of the respective company, and they will surely help you with this matter.

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In any case, whether we are talking about protecting your system or your webpages, it is important to have a database backup solution installed, in order to protect your hardware and software system.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/27/2012
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