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How To Store a Backup Tape


Information is one thing that is usually difficult to get. Sometimes, you may be forced to go against numerous obstacles to be able to find the data you will use to produce that information. One of the biggest difficulties that you will have to face is the storage of data that you have gathered. You might have the means of storing this data but its safety may become a nightmare if you don’t get the right storage.

What you need is a reliable backup tape. Backup tape is made in such a way that its streaming rate is very high making it to run quite fast. This makes it convenient for back hitching as it is being used. This convenience delivered when you are moving back and forth makes a backup tape better than several other storage media.

It is not enough to have a backup tape with you. It is in order that you keep it in a secure library. This is what will ensure more security of your backup take and even the data that is stored in it. This article will show you the steps that you should remember to make sure that you have stored your backup tape well.

Step 1

The first and most important thing is, knowing the number of backup tapes in your possession. This means the exact number of both on site and off site backup tapes that you are actually using or those under your custody. You can make your work simpler by labeling a backup tape before you keep it.

Step 2

For every backup tape you have, it is important if you can produce at least one copy of each. This will act as a contingency plan in the event that one backup tape gets destroyed, lost or stolen. Of the copies you have made, it is wise to keep at least one of them offline. This also improves security for your data.

Step 3

The environment where you will keep your backup tape is also important in preserving its contents. It should be free from any form of instability such as extreme temperatures and electromagnetism. When exposed to such situations, the contents of the backup tape may be destroyed.

Step 4

Swap the tapes that you use, after some times with a different one. It is not good to overuse one backup tape all the time for everything you are doing. Changing them often will also help in improving their longevity.

Step 5

It is also advisable that you keep verifying your backup tape to see if what you use is in a good condition or not and that its software is also updated. The verification process can take a lot of time, but it is important to make sure you do it fully. Otherwise, you will render your backup tape useless.

Periodic checkups on your backup tape will not cost you much effort. However, it is good since it protects you from possible major problems you would face if you ignored it.

Tips and Comments

Though backup tapes are relatively cheap and portable, they have some cons. For instance, you will have to scroll through the backup tape before you reach the desired data every time you want to view information. You need to weigh your needs before you decide on using backup dates.

When disposing used backup tapes you need to do it properly. This is because it might fall to wrong hands of those who might use it to your disadvantage.

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