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How To Restore From a Backup


If you have ever worked with computers, you know that they malfunction and crash or destroy information stored on the computer. If you did not have a backup, then you have to start from scratch to rebuild your files and folders. If you had a backup of the system, you will not have to start again. You can restore backup on another machine and recover all information you had lost. However, when the need to restore backup arises, that’s when you realize it is not easy. It is difficult because there is no standardized format for backing up your computer, hence you need a set of special tools to restore backup. If you cannot restore backup, then the computer is useless. Here is how to restore backup on several major platforms.

Step 1

Before the entry of Windows 7 into the market, previous Windows operating systems were not very helpful to restore backup. This resulted in users using a third party application to backup and restore.

Step 2

Windows stepped up to the challenge and now it integrates a backup and restore feature like none seen before. To restore backup on Windows 7, open your computer’s properties window and select restore backup.

Step 3

Locate your backup file and select it and click the restore button. Windows 7 automatically restores all of your files for you.

Step 4

For many users of critical database systems, creating a backup is a must. You never know when disaster might strike. You might also need to move your database from one computer to another.

Step 5

To restore backup on a database server, you could use the command line but there is an easier way.


Login into the phpMYAdmin site, click on databases and select the destination database. Select import and locate your back up file (likely a .sql extension), click go and wait for the dialog box to finish. You have just restored a database.

Today’s smartphones are just mini computers. For one reason or another you may find yourself needing to restore backup on your phone. For an iPhone, connect your phone to a computer containing the backup files. Open your iPhone management app and select the restore option. You will be prompted to enter your account information. A list of backup files will be displayed, select one and click continue for the restore process to begin. A dialog box will be displayed when it finishes. Windows Mobile phones use the same process as the iPhone but with a different application, Zune player. There are a number of applications for Android smartphones you can install from Google Play to back up data on your device. One such app is Titanium Backup.

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Your MS Outlook inbox contains a lot of important messages so you need to set up an automatic backup. If it happens that you need to restore backup, this is how to do it. MS Outlook stores back up files with a “.pst” extension. To restore backup from Outlook, login and open the file menu. Select the open option and select Outlook data file. Locate your “.pst” file and continue to start the backup.

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