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First and foremost, the internet is very important in the success of every country, because of the important role it plays in the lives of people. The internet is used for several purposes at homes, in offices, at schools, in organizations by millions of people worldwide. People use the internet for research, downloading of movies and music, social networking, among others. Since the invention of computers and eventually the internet there has been constant improvement in these technologies. For instance different types or models of computers have been invented by countries that produce these computers, and also the invention of better and effective internet services such as the broad band.


During these past few years there has been the introduction or invention of effective software for the operation of computers, and also the introduction of remarkable websites. These soft wares are used by millions of people to install programs into computers. Whilst the websites are used for several purposes. When a group of computers are linked together for communication, it is known as network systems. There are various types of network systems and among them include; local area network systems and wide area network systems. These network systems enable files, soft ware, printers, and scanners to be shared by many computers at a time. When this happens it makes it easy for easy communication between computers. The local network systems are used over a small area or location and may include the office, at home among others of such small areas. The computers in this type of network systems are usually joined up by cables.


This type enable work to be done effectively at homes and offices since it only covers a small area. Data is also utilized effectively by members who use it together, since data is shared among all the members. The wide area network systems is a process whereby two or more facilities are put in different places over a wide area, for instance a multinational organization having its offices in so many different countries and linked to the main head quarters. This facilitates fast transfer of information to all the offices from the main head quarters. When this is done effective work is done which enables the organization to achieve its objectives.

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Lastly, there exists a third type of network systems call peer-to-peer network systems. With this type, computers linked or joined together are given the same importance. This enables information on each computer to be available to all users. Computers are very important today as a result of the diverse benefits they contribute to society. This is because computers are used in almost every activity man engages himself. The world today without computers would have been an empty world. It is therefore important that everyone has knowledge in computer by undergoing basic training including hardware and software. This will help in equipping him for the future in all areas of life. All students are expected to have knowledge in computer to help them in their studies.

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