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How To Network a Pc System


Accessing a network means accessing part of network of telecommunications that connects the subscribers with the service provider. It provides a core network that will connect each and every local provider with each other. Basically, it becomes an imagining bridge that will connect the users with one another.

Step 1

In order to make the network system in the computer one has to refer the point to point connection which is the linkage of communication between the two nodes and it can access the Internet. The network system helps us establish a home network in the computer machines which will allow us to share pictures, play games, exchange documents and also files from one connected computer to other connected computers in the same network. When someone is setting up the Internet device then they must place it adjacent to the other main computer such that it will act as a server.

Step 2

Once the switch is on, the user using an Ethernet cable can connect the computer to the access end and then other the other end to the computers network card. In the device there lies an indicating light which helps indicating signals that the connection of the network system between access spot and computer is ready.

Step 3

In the computers some adjustment has to be made by the users which can help them to use the network system faster. When the access position is done then the users have to configure the access point by starting up the wizard where they can put the simple data regarding the home network. When one sets the network system in a computer, it varies from model to model. It is always adVisable that once the home network is detected then he or she must restart the routers to complete the process. This will make a smooth network in surfing between the router and the computer.

Step 4

In order to view the location of the network system then you have to open the browser and then the device will show you the surfing position of the Internet. After this the user gets an opportunity to go to any websites and he can also see the effectiveness of network system from one new point to another new point of location.

Step 5

This type of network system will help us protect the computer from a high voltage and also protect you from getting harmed. This also helps us inform on electric shocks which are generated from the device. So the network system in computer networking is all about the interconnection of all communication channels which helps us share the resources and extract the information. Using this network, people can easily send mail and effectively communicate with each other.


A large network can be subdivided into many groups such as edge network, distribution network or drop plant. So accessing a network is bulky but they use many spaces which will help them in wiring. So for better conductivity he or she should use silver wire instead of copper as silver lasts long and this will raise the durability in the system.

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