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Data is everything that we store on a computer. It could be the letter we type, or the picture we took a week ago, anything that has a qualitative or a quantitative variable, can be called data.

When we use computers in our day to day life, we tend to store a lot of information on them. Sometimes, it so happens that our data, or saved files, either because of mechanical reasons or electrical, get lost. That is when we need data recovery software.


Data recovery can be executed in two ways. One is if we give our hard drive, (be it external or internal) to specialists that deal with data recovery. Or we do it ourselves via various data recovery software available on the internet. The software could either be professional data recovery software, or free data recovery software. It depends on what the software offers, and what our current needs are.

Nowadays, there is software on the internet that are able to recover lost data from almost any storage type. Examples include HDDs of FAT and NTFS formats, pen drives, USB digital storage, digital cameras, SIM cards, memory cards and iPods.


The ost effective data recovery software are to be paid for.  But there are many free data recovery software such as Windows Surface Scanner, RAID freeware Data Recovery Software and View It Now Computer Diagnostic File System Viewer. The drawback with such software is that it usually doesn’t have all the tools needed to recover the information. The amount of service it can provide you with is limited. I would call it cheap data recovery because it at least saves the money that you would otherwise spend on the paid ones.

The other type - the paid data recovery software, are mostly what the users can ask for. Why do I say mostly? Well that’s because recovering data from a device depends on the type of damage it has suffered from. It generally isn’t possible to retrieve all the data that you had stored on it. In order to do that, professional help is advised. Professional data recovery cost could range from $250 to about $1500 depending on the services required of them.

Talking about the cost, paid software such as Digital Rescue Premium costs $49.99, Advanced Disk Recovery costs about $39.95, whereas Windows Data Recovery costs around $129.00. All of the them have their own special features that need to be viewed before actual purchase, just so that the user is sure that the problem that he is purchasing this software for, can be remedied.

One does wonder what the best data recovery software might be. Some software are a bit different from the rest, as they all try and out-do the other in regards to performance, cost, feedback and customer support.

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This article will help you decide (for the good) what is the best course of action you should take in order to recover your personal/financial data.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/03/2012
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About Data Recovery Software. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.