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What You Need To Know About Data File Recovery

Published at 02/15/2012 21:46:45


As much as we would like to believe in their safety, our files are always in danger of being lost. According to what information you have on the hard disk, such an eventuality could have disastrous consequences. Do not despair though. There are ways to do data file recovery. Even if they can not guarantee a full recovery, they bring you a ray of hope. Information can be lost for several reasons: a virus, a computer accidental reset or when a software malfunction occurs. Whatever the causes, the information must be recovered using data file recovery programs. In some cases it may be easier, in others more difficult. But first you need to understand how files are lost and how data file recovery works.


By default, Windows sends deleted files to the Recycle Bin, but not erases them from your hard disk. They can be quite easily recovered by opening the Recycle Bin, selecting them and clicking Restore. The biggest problems start to occur when you empty the Recycle Bin. Only then you can say that they were deleted and you will need data file recovery software. The removal operation involves marking the space that they occupied as free and the files will be overwritten when you will need room for other files. For this reason it is recommended that documents and important files to be kept on a separate partition. If they are kept on the OS partition it is a risk that they will be overwritten very quickly, due to constant read / write operations and you will need data file recovery programs.


As long as the site of the stored file was not overwritten, files can be recovered. For this you can use several data file recovery programs. They do an analysis of the disk that contains the deleted files and identify the recoverable files. Several data file recovery programs can be used: Executive Software Undelete or Norton Protected Recycle Bin package and Norton System Works, which can work in two independent ways. First they create another Recycle Bin where all deleted files are moved. Note, however, this may create confusion, because the available disk space is not reported correctly. If you delete some files to free space, you will not get any unless you empty the second Recycle Bin. Second, these programs contain features similar to other data file recovery programs, which can search the disk and can recover deleted files when possible.

Tips and comments

Corrupted partitions are unfortunate cases where even the data file recovery software can not help. In some cases, quite rare, a partition may be corrupted and become unintelligible to the operating system. In these cases data recovery is a matter of luck. There are some programs that can recover data, but their ability to do the job depends very much on the degree the partition is affected. In addition, these errors also require opening the computer, removing the hard drive and placing it into a functional computer.

A program used to data file recovery on corrupted partitions is Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS. It contains advanced features that scan all disk partitions to identify the type of file system and file structure. Unfortunately, file recovery functions are available only in the registered version of this program.