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How To Keep a Data Recovery File Active


Many people have experienced a crashed hard drive. Reasons for this could be numerous. A blackout while an external hard disk was being used to transfer a game, or short circuiting of wires inside your computer’s CPU, or accidental physical damage such as the USB drive falling into a bowl of milk, or your camcorder getting wet because you were filming at the sea side. Once the data is lost, what you require is a data recovery file.

Step 1

No matter what the case, when a person faces problems related to his/her storage device. There is not much he/she can do. The amount of distress we are plunged into after realizing the loss of personal data that we took years to collect is tremendous. Data recovery file is the only option available at that time.

Step 2

There are many ways in which computer users can detect data recovery file. In such cases there is often something wrong with the hard disk drive. When a computer starts up slower than usual, or not at all, it could be related to the hard disk, and may sometimes indicate it with a visual error. Unanticipated errors start popping up, usually related to the files on the disk. Or errors related to corrupted files, could be linked to a failing hard drive. Instances where a lot of programs crash all together or the computer starts making loud noises. These start and stop randomly and could be identified as problem caused by a failing hard disk. 

Step 3

There are ways to ensure that once the hard disk has failed to work or crashed, the damage isn’t amplified by our further carelessness and that the data recovery file remains active as long as it takes for us to backup data from hard drive.

Step 4

People usually think that by using a data recovery file, all their lost data can be retrieved. It is true to an extent, but it’s not always the case. Data recovery can be a difficult process. Sometimes it could do more bad than good if not handled properly. They also believe that hard drive data recovery is possible by opening up the HDD, or freezing it thinking that it would achieve the goal which is data disk recovery.

Step 5

Well, these processes could only make the situation worse for data recovery file. The HDD is made in a clean room, which – as the name suggests is an area clear of dust particles. So opening up the HDD in normal conditions could be disastrous for the drive platters. Freezing it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. In fact, what it is going to do is that it is going to allow water to enter the HDD unless we pack it properly in a plastic covering. These kind of step will serve no purpose for data recovery file revival.


By not installing a data recovery file on the drive that is affected is another way of ensuring that the files inside remain intact and not tampered with. Mailing our drives or handing it over to companies that offer hard drive data recovery services without proper packaging may cause it to get more damaged while it on the road to recovery. Small steps like the ones above could help save a lot of personal data recovery file on various storage devices, and give you the best chance for a full fledged recovery.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/03/2012
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