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Where To Find a Good Free Media Player

Published at 03/27/2012 04:36:07


A media player is a type of audio and video player you can download on your computer. A media player comes in various forms. A media player can play audio, video or both. Many media players can play DVDs and CDs. Windows Media Player is the default media player for all Microsoft Windows OS. Windows Media Player plays audio files and video files and the player usually plays its own files, e.g. .wma and .wmv files. Windows Media Player can play ..mp3s, .asf video and .avi video, but most people want a more versatile media player and one with more features. For example, if you are an audiophile and you like listening to OGG or 3GA files, Windows Media Player is not going to play those files. Media players play audio and video and most media players are made to play just audio or just video files.

Media players are virtual players for the PC that emulate physical stereo players. All media players have a "play," "pause," "rewind," "stop" and "fast forward" button you can use to manipulate the player. Many media players allow you to burn and copy CDs and you can upload those files onto your computer and play the burnt CD in a compatible physical audio player. Media players come with what is known as a jukebox or a library, which allows you to organize your files. You can download media player free online at countless websites that host these type of players. Brothersoft, Softpedia, Download and other websites have media player free. You have to decide which media player free you want to download because many of them have various features and capabilities.


Determine the type of media player free you want to download. For example, if you want to play only audio files on your computer, you would look for a media player like XMPlay. Many media player free only play audio files. If you want a media player free that plays only video files, you would download a media player like Crystal Player that plays only video files. Determine the type of features that the media player free will have. KMPlayer is a type of media player that plays every type of video and audio format, but this media player free does not have a jukebox or library, which means you cannot organize your files. Apple iTunes has a library where you can organize video and audio files. Reading reviews on and will be helpful to you when you decide on the type of media player free is best for you to download.

Read reviews on Brothersoft, or other websites. Doing a quick search on free media players will allow you to find a good media player free. Read the reviews on the major download websites like Brothersoft and Download to make sure that media player free is right for you. Read the features of the media player free and see user reviews about the features. Many of these websites have ratings by a staff member or a user. Five stars is usually the highest rating a person can rate a media player free and one star is the lowest. Download the media player free once you decide on which one to download.


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