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8 Tips For a Media Player


Media player’s are commonly referred to as Mp3, or Mp4 players. They are convenient and portable tools to store and play both movies, and music. Buy an armband for your media player. These are fantastic for exercising and walking purposes. Armbands are designed to wrap around your arm to keep the media player secure. This allows for exercise without having to worry about losing or damaging your media player.

Step 1

Clean up your Id3 tags. An Id3 tag is what allows your media player to recognize information such as artist, title, album, etc. Without the proper Id3 tags, your media player may not be able to properly recognize the information attributed to the song or video that you’re watching or listening to. There are a variety of ways that you can edit your Id3 tags. It can be done in a file manager, or, many media players allow you to edit groups of Id3 tags at once.

Step 2

Put CD’s onto your media player. The most common programs that allow you to do this are Windows Media Player, and iTunes. These are two completely free, easy to use programs. The easiest way to do this is by putting the CD into the CD drive, and allowing the program to rip songs from the CD. After that point, the songs will be in your library, and you should be able to move them onto your Mp3 player with ease.

Step 3

Don’t listen to your Media player at loud volumes. The earbuds, or headphones that the media player often requires you to lose may damage your eardrums if the volume is kept too high. If listening becomes uncomfortable in any way, turn down the volume.

Step 4

Use your media player for data. If you own a media player you won’t necessarily have to invest in a flash drive, or external hard drive. Your media player can be used to hold any files you need it to.

Step 5

Buy a refurbished media player. Refurbished media players usually work just fine, and they come at a cheap price. They’re easy to find at online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Step 6

When buying an media player, be sure to ask questions. Ask about storage space, features aside from music, and battery life. Choose the media player that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that features such as high battery life are important. The less you have to worry about charging your media player, the better. Also, high storage space and lots of features can be a good thing. For instance, many users like to have the ability to listen to FM radio as well--and many media players allow that. They may even have WiFi, and allow for online instant streaming!

Tip 7

Consider buying speakers for your media player. This can lessen the potential hearing damage that headphones can do, and it can be fairly easy to find portable speakers designed specifically for you media player.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 02/10/2012
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