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How To Create a Playlist in Windows Media Player


WMP, or Windows Media Player, is the pre-installed media player on all Microsoft Windows systems. In addition to being a media player, media windows player is a media library where you can organize all of your media files. You can play audio files, video files and you can view pictures in media windows player. The current version of media windows player is Windows Media Player 12. Windows Media Player enables uses to "rip" or copy their audio CDs an upload them to their computer and you can burn Audio CDs or MP3 CDs with its built-in CD burner. You can play both CD formats in standard CD players and other special media players. Other features of Windows Media Player include the ability to rent or purchase various music from an online music store that you can access from within media windows player. The default fils you can play in media windows player are MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), WMV (Windows Media Video), and ASF (Advanced Systems Format). Media windows player is highly customizable and you can create a playlist in media player windows. A playlist is a list of songs that play continuously. The playlist can be listened to on the media player or the playlist can be used to burn to an audio CD.

Step 1

Run Windows Media Player on your PC. If you do not know how to access the media windows player, you can easily access it from your "Start" menu. Look on your computer keyboard and look for a button that resembles a window. The window is in white. That is the "Start" button. This button allows you to access areas of your computer that you cannot access from your desktop. For example, Windows Media Player is not on your desktop. An icon called a shortcut is placed on your desktop for you to easily access programs. You usually double-click on the shortcut to open the program, but Windows Media Player is not there. Click "Start" and then click on "All Programs". Look for Windows Media Player.

Step 2

Click on "Windows Media Player" to open the program. The program should take a few seconds to open. This is your first time accessing this program, so your library will be empty. Do not worry about this.

Step 3

Find your audio files you want to use to create a playlist in Windows Media Player. Access "Computer" from "Start" and find the audio files you want to add to the media player. You can simply drag these files to the media player, but you have to create the playlist in media player windows first.

Step 4

Create a playlist. Go to "Create Playlist" at the top of Windows Media Player. You have to name the playlist. The playlist is located on the left side. Name the playlist and then single-click it. You have to drag the songs you want in the playlist on the right side of the media player.

Step 5

Drag the audio files to the right side of WMP. Once all the songs are in the playlist, click "Save Playlist" to save to your PC.

By Phoenix Sosa, published at 02/23/2012
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