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How To Find And Download a Media Player

Published at 02/17/2012 06:57:34


A media player is a type of audio and video player you can download on your computer. All Microsoft Windows systems come with Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player plays audio and video that is exclusive to the player, such as Windows Media Audio and Windows Media Video. In addition, Windows Media Player does play the MP3 audio format. Windows Media Player is not compatible with other obscure video and audio formats, such as OGG, 3GP, M4A, and other formats. A media player usually plays audio and video, but many players play just audio and a player can just play videos.

Media players resemble physical devices and it has buttons, such as "play," "rewind," "fast forward," "pause," and "stop." Media players have the ability to burn and rip CDs and you can organize your videos and music with the media player's built-in library or jukebox. Popular media players that users download player media are RealPlayer, iTunes, VLC Player, QuickTime Player and others. If you want to download player media, you can do so on the Internet. Sites such as, Brothersoft, FileHippo and others allow you to download player media. You have to make some decisions before you download player media.

Step 1

Think about the type of media player you want. If you want to play just audio files, download player media an audio only version. If you want to play video files, download player media for videos. Examples of good download player media are XMPlay, Quintessential, and MediaMonkey. These players only play audio.

Step 2

Think about the features you want when you download player media. KMPlayer, GOMPlayer, JetAudio, and other players of this caliber play audio and video. In addition, they play almost every video and audio format.

Step 3

Determine if you want to download a free media player or to purchase a media player. Many free download player media have great features, but some media players have additional features if you pay for another version. For example, WinAMP plays video and audio files and it has a built-in radio, but if you want to burn or rip CDs, you have to pay for WinAMP Pro. Many media players allow you to burn and/or rip CDs, but you have to pay for the other version of it. Think about this before you download player media.

Step 4

Read the reviews on the Download website from the editors. Each media player is reviewed by one of the editors on the site. The editor rates the media player by stars, which means WinAMP was rated a 4 out of 5 stars by One star means it is a bad program and 5 stars mean it is a perfect program. Read the reviews carefully on the download player media that you want before you make any decisions.

Step 5

Download player media that you want. Click on the media player you want to download and then wait for to download it on your PC. Installation does not take very long and you can start listening to music and watching movies after installation.


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