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About An Ipod Classic Media Player


The Apple sensation has taken the world by storm and most people who crave media-related technology have access to one of the ‘I’ devices. In media and music players, the IPod is the most sold media player, with 9 out of 10 top selling devices’ slots going to various versions and models of the IPod until 2010. The IPod classic media player (6th generation) was at fifth place, retaining popularity in hard drive-based players. The ‘classic’ suffix was only added to the IPod line in its sixth generation, but is now used to refer to all versions of the original IPod. The IPod Classic media player has 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB capacity versions, but the only one currently available is the 160 GB model.


The first generation IPod was introduced by Apple in 2001 with a 5 GB and then 10 GB black and white LCD model. It competed with other music players with its small, compact size, and easy navigation and control buttons. The second generation IPod music player came out in 2002. It had many innovations over the first model and had limited edition versions as well. The third generation IPod boasted a completely revamped design and was thinner than previous versions. Fourth generation IPod was released in 2004 and contained features incorporated from other IPod products such as the IPod Mini. After the IPod Photo was released, and IPod with color display hit stores that merged the fourth generation IPod and IPod photo, and had 60 GB storage. The fifth generation IPod came out in 2005 shortly after the IPod Nano was introduced. It was the first IPod that could play videos and had many new features. Models up to 80 GB were available. The sixth generation IPod is the most current version, and the first to be labeled as from the IPod ‘Classic’ media player line. It was unveiled to the public in 2007.


The IPod Classic media player has a thinner body than previous generation IPod models and a much longer battery life – capable of 6 hours video playback, or 36 hours continuous music playing! For first time, with this model’s release, white was not available in color choices for the player. The IPod Classic has much better graphics and an upgraded interface that incorporates Cover Flow, a 2.5 inches backlit display, and an anodized aluminum cover rather than the conventional polycarbonate outer shell. It is able to play and store music, videos, photos and games, audio books and podcasts, among other applications availability. The 80 GB model and 160 GB model were first released, followed by a 120 GB model and discontinuing of the 160 model. However, now only the 160 GB model is available.

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The IPod Classic media player – the sixth generation IPod – is the largest capacity IPod available from Apple to date. This portable media player is popular for its capacity for storage of thousands of media items, its sleek, stainless steel finish exterior, and the gorgeous graphics interface. It incorporates the Click wheel and easy-to-use control buttons and navigation scroll. This Classic media player is a must-have for media hoarders who want to carry their entire media libraries in their pockets and be available to them at the flick of a finger!

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/23/2012
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