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Types Of Computer Systems

Published at 02/20/2012 15:12:55


The systems of today have high processing speeds and great performance levels. Such systems are designed to solve mathematical and logical problems automatically. It gives us many advantages like time saving and also performs other tasks. It is a programmable machine that gives response to a set of instructions and execute pre-recorded list of commands in a well defined manner. 



Computer Systems are divided into many types.

Desktop Computers: you must be familiar with desktop computers. Most common desktop computers have a separate monitor, keyboard and central processing unit. It comes up with additional equipment like modem, speakers, CD/DVD-RW.

Laptop Computers: Laptop computers are very common now a day and well known because of its portability. It is an integrated version of a desktop computer. Typical components like keyboard, display screen, speakers, pointing device, modem etc. are built on single board. AC adapter is used to charge it.

Smartphone: The Smartphone is actually a mini computer which is built on mobile computing platform. It is the combination of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a mobile phone, portable media players, digital cameras and GPS navigation units. It also provides the high speed data access through Wi-Fi, high resolution touch screens and web browsers that can properly display standard web pages.

Tablet Computers: It is a portable computer which is based on X86 IBM-PC architecture. It has a larger form of personal digital assistant. A flat touch screen has been integrated in it-no physical keyboard or a mouse. A virtual keyboard or a stylus pen is used for input data.

Touch screen Computers: You probably get it by name. It is an electronic visual display. With a finger or hand, we can touch its display and perform certain tasks. Passive devices such as stylus or digital pen can also be sensed by the touch screens.

Apple Computers: Apple Computer Company released it as a personal computer. Apple computers are also known retroactively. The main concern to develop these computers was to secure the personal data from the malicious attacks. Mac computer is one of its type.

Surface Computers: In the interaction to a surface computer, a user doesn’t need to use any keyboard or a monitor. It interrelates with a use via the surface of an ordinary object. The display of a surface computer is horizontal, table-like form. It has a screen that incorporates with multi-touches. A user can interact with it by touching and dragging threw their fingertips. To detect the input, surface utilizes an integrated infrared camera. 2.0GHz Core 2 duo processor, 2GB memory, graphics card, scratch proof surface, DLP project and 5 infrared cameras are its species.

GPS System: The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite navigation system. It is used to get the location and time information in all weathers. Those systems which have GPS receiver can easily get access to these services.

Mini Laptops: Mini laptops are also known as netbooks. It is designed for word processing, wireless communication and access to the Internet. It has a low powered processor and less graphic capabilities.

All these are expert systems which go through rigorous system testing before they are being sold worldwide.


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