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The Best Types Of Surveillance And Security Systems


Each one of us is worried about our safety and well-being. In this time of high crime and many terrorist attacks, death seems to be just around the corner. We can't do much about fate, but we can take care about the protection of ourselves and our property. Surveillance and security systems are the right way to go for the protection of our loved ones and our business., there are wide ranges of surveillance and security systems that people wonder what will be perfect set of instrument for them.

There are many types of surveillance and security systems, but it is important to decide that what will be a perfect system for them. Making a decision is bit difficult, but this decision may help you along the way. Video surveillance is most common type of surveillance system used in home and office. The quality of the camera makes up for a good surveillance system. The two most common type of video surveillance is cover and overt. The term covert means that the camera will be used in a hidden way, while the overt camera is used in open, which can be seen from the outside. The decision is completely dependent on person and their preferences.

Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance

Indoor and outdoor surveillance camera is an important part of surveillance and security systems. Indoor Surveillance camera is cheaper than the outdoor surveillance. The main reason for that is outdoor camera needs weatherproof coating. Dome is a common type of indoor surveillance camera which is used by many people. Outdoor surveillance camera on the other hand is placed outside the room as the term suggests. Outdoor surveillance camera is weatherproof due to the fact that it can resist all kind of harsh environmental conditions. Outdoor camera lens is protected with the help of plastic or glass shield. These factors affect the cost of the outdoor camera.

It is the most important factor that affects the quality of the indoor surveillance system and other surveillance and security systems. Outdoor surveillance camera, on the other hand also needs lighting in dark conditions but the lens is far more powerful than the indoor surveillance camera.


Infrared surveillance affects the video capturing capability of the surveillance camera. When the condition is dark or has no proper light, infrared surveillance camera helps in turning it to night mode and can sense the light to certain level. This feature is available on all types of surveillance and security systems. Outdoor surveillance and indoor surveillance use this feature heavily. A simple infrared camera can capture 25 feet, while more advanced camera can capture up to 320 feet.

It is a wrong perception that a dome camera can capture wide view which is not true. The power of the camera in the surveillance and security systems depends upon the power of the lens. Static camera can get only a certain amount of view whereas a dynamic camera can capture a wide range of view.

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