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Top 5 Electronics Systems

What are electronic systems?

An electronics systems are intricately designed electronics devices that are built by merging many smaller circuits and electrical components to make it perform the desired functions.

Now that we’ve got the scientific facts right, we can move on to the easier explanation of electronic systems. In simple terms these are all the things we see in our homes that run on electricity. For example, stoves, hairdryers, laptops, iPods, microwaves and the list are endless especially in the electronic age that we live in today.

So, now move on to find the best in electronic systems, the cream of the crop. Knowing the list would be endless once I started writing on them I’ll make it short to only the top 5 electronic systems:

Top 5 Electronic Systems

At the very top of this list is something I, as a male, have learnt to befriend since the very earliest of age. I turn to it every time my fellow humans are being boring and unwilling to give me company. Truly, a mesmerizing achievement by whoever made it. It is the Television or Tele for those on the GMT. One thing that is present in every single household today and the only thing that you can turn to when all others fail.

The top 2 electronic device is none other than… The Smart Phone! Yea I know you already knew it would find its way somewhere on this list and why wouldn’t it be. From the basic phone calls to EVERYTHING! It can do about anything you want. You don’t really need a computer anymore if you have one of these beauties, but that’s just me of course.

A very important branch of electronic systems is the Security Systems. On a serious note without these there would be no security in airports, no walk-in doors, no CCTV cameras, no surveillance, and no car alarms in short we would be so much more vulnerable to crime than we are right now.

Second to last would be the Fridge! Since the dawn of time we have wanted our drinks cold, ice-creams un-melted and our food to last as long as it very well can. Who is a man’s best friend when it comes to these treacherous tasks? Yes, a Refrigerator!

Last but not the least, I would go with the Microwave Oven. Sold first as early as 1947 it still holds the most important place in our hearts (or at least mine it does). After all where would all the cold pizza slices, the left-over food and every other thing we are too lazy to heat up go if not the microwave?


All these electronics systems have made a great impact in our lives. It is because of these electronics that our lives have becomes so easy and comfortable. Today, we cannot even imagine living without them. From morning till night we are completely dependent on them. They save lot of our time and money and perform our daily tasks perfectly.

Tips and comments

Keep all your electronics systems clean in order to give them long life. 

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/27/2012
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Top 5 Electronics Systems. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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