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How To Pick Out Bridesmaids' Dresses


A wedding is one of the most awaited and memorable event of one’s life, both for the bride and the groom equally. It is not only they who are much excited about it, rather the whole family and the friends are looking forward to much fun and enjoyment as the new bond is about to be made. The craze for the place of the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, passing of dresses and gifts, ‘till death do us part’, rings and above all the dress selection makes the excitement and thrill of the wedding much more enhanced. Somehow, the groom’s dress gets suppressed by the splendid bridal dress and it is not only the bride and groom dresses that must be taken care of. The bridesmaids are also the important part of the wedding and it is hence necessary to make the bridesmaids look charming.

Step 1

Here are a few tips to pick some best dresses for the bridesmaids which will both be easy to wear and beautiful to see. The very first and the foremost thing to know about when you are picking the dresses for your bridesmaids are to make sure that they feel comfortable in them.

Step 2

The type of dress you are about to choose must not have a very hideous look and you should try your best to select the one which will suit most of your bridesmaids rather than focusing on a single one of them. Now to pick the style of the dress you must think it for a while that how is your own wedding dress and how you want your bridesmaids to be.

Step 3

You must choose the dress that complements best with your own dress in such a way that there is one way or another similarity in the dresses but the similarity must not be too much. Again and again you must keep this in mind that all your friends are not same, they all have a different body and a different figure and they all might not carry the dress same way so pick the dress that is flexible enough to suit everyone.

Step 4

If you see that all your bridesmaids vary in heights and figures, then it will also be a good practice to choose the fabric for them and let them all decide how they want to get dressed because all that concerns for them is to look similar.

Step 5

When choosing the color of the fabric for your bridesmaids, consider the complexions and hair colors of all the bridesmaids because you may not want a flaring brunette in a dull yellow theme and make sure that all of them look pretty in the color. It is also a must to keep your friends excited for the wedding. Although it is your wedding but if you will force them to wear all you want without respecting their feelings then you may kill their spirit.


After choosing the dress, make sure that your bridesmaids friends are happy with your decision and if you will take them with you to the shopping and buying things with their opinions on them too, you will have much more fun in the wedding preparations.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 02/14/2012
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How To Pick Out Bridesmaids' Dresses. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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