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10 Fascinating Facts About Cancer


It is a fact that the world nowadays is faced with very many chronic illnesses that are very risky and put the entire human race at risk of elimination. Facts; cancer is one of these chronic illnesses that affect the human race. However, there are certain facts about cancer that people all over the world should know in order to avoid the chronic disease. These facts are simply the basics that any person who is at risk of getting the disease should be knowing about. These facts will go a long way in educating and creating cancer awareness among the masses. Keep alert throughout the facts file and you will surely not regret choosing to read it in the first place.


Cancer has been around for a long time and has claimed millions in the world over the years. One fact that people should know about this chronic illness is that it comes in many different types. Yes, there are different types of cancer that affect various parts or organs of the body. This is a wake up call for everyone to be alert and to monitor how their body changes over the time. Should you notice anything weird with your body you should go for a health checkup at a certified medical center. It is a fact that the types of cancer are over a hundred and it is even hard to complete mentioning all of them in this article.


It is also a fact that cancer causes about 13% of deaths all over the globe. This is a very shocking fact that shows the seriousness of this chronic illness known as cancer. This figure sub mounts to almost 7.7 million deaths in a single year all around the world caused by cancer. Apparently it is a fact that a large number of these deaths emanate from the third world or the underdeveloped countries whose citizens do not have access to health care and thus are at a very high risk of dying from these chronic illnesses. It is important that these governments invest in better health care for their own citizens.

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As for men, there are the most common types of cancer that affects them as well as women who have a different list of cancer that affects them too. It is a fact that most men die from colorectal, lung, stomach and liver cancer. While as for women the list starts from breast cancer which claims a very large percentage of the women in the world to colorectal and cervical cancer. These are the cancers that should be monitored very closely if at all the disease should be kept at bay in the world.It is a fact that lung cancer is mainly caused by the use or abuse of tobacco which can be prevented. As you all know, prevention is far much better than cure. It is a fact that cancer can be caused as an aftermath of another disease such as hepatitis which sometimes induces liver cancer. It is therefore important for one to keep other diseases at bay in order to avoid cancer. One last fact that people should note is that a cancer can be cured if it is detected early in the human body. It is therefore important to have regular check ups and eat a healthy diet in order to keep cancer at bay.

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